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3 Tips to Consider when Planning a Military Wedding

If you’re one of the lucky military soon-to-weds, then you’re probably already super-excited about the upcoming ceremony. And, since military weddings are nowhere near the same as traditional ‘’civil’’ weddings, there is also certain stuff you need to pay special attention to when planning for the wedding.

How to Plan a Military Wedding?

No need to worry really! This article is about to give you guidelines about what you need to arrange for when organizing a military wedding.

What Should You Wear?

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One of the most common questions is: what should the couple wear at their wedding?

Depending on whether the bride or the broom is a service-member, it is a usual practice for them to wear their military uniform along with all the ribbons and/or medals that they might have instead of a regular wedding outfit.

This is not however always applicable to women who are serving in the Army and are getting married. They don’t have to give up on wearing their wedding dress or an interesting hairstyle, but some of them pay credit for their service by wearing military boots underneath their elegant dresses.

Furthermore, all the people invited to the wedding who are also military-bound in a way are expected to wear their uniforms. As for the people who are not service-members and are invited to the wedding, they should wear their formal attire, and preferably white.

How Must The Guests Be Seated?

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One thing that you’ll need to specially take care of is where and with whom should certain wedding attendees be seated. Once again, we are talking about the people who serve in the military and are invited to the wedding.

Usually, during the wedding ceremony itself, service-members should be seated in the front rows right behind the members of the closest family who should be seated in the first row.

If we’re speaking about the seat positioning during the reception, you should take care of the fact that the military members should be seated at the same table with the military members of the same rank. With that being said, you shouldn’t position cadets at the same table as the general or the lieutenant.

However, there is one neat and painless way of overcoming such problematic seating schematics. Most of the times, wedding planners simply arrange for the ‘’table of honor’’, to be positioned very close to the actual wedding table, where all of the military-serving wedding attendees should be seated.

Is There Anything Else That I Should Be Aware Of?

Yes, certainly. Numerous military traditions are often times presented and displayed at the wedding. However, which one of those would be part of your wedding depends on you.

So, for instance, you can arrange for your wedding rings to be passed to you on the blade of the sword at the wedding ceremony, or you can walk beneath the arch of swords and sabers while you’re walking away from the church as a just married couple.

A tradition of presenting people on the wedding with challenge coins is not something that you’ll see that often but you can consider ordering custom-made challenge coins from companies such as Embleholics and presenting them to all the people at the wedding. This won’t just serve the purpose of a military-themed wedding, but will also serve as a beautiful token that will make your wedding unforgettable to everyone.