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5 Pro Tips on How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

Swimming pools are always inviting; the sparkling glare, the fresh blue water and the soothing warmness of the sun.

Having a glamorous pool in the backyard of the house also calls many weekend parties, soaking in the sun, spending long afternoons longing at poolside and many more exciting things.

While these things sound quite fascinating, one thing that busts these daydream ideas is the maintenance of the pool. Without proper care, your pool will succumb to a not so luxurious thing.

Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean:

You will perhaps see the scale and algae build up, the green water, dirt and leaves, and many more things. However, if you don’t want to spoil your luxurious property, have a look at some of the tips that would help you in your summer pool sessions:

Do Skimming and Scrubbing Regularly:

Skimming is a must if you want to make your pool look clean. The skimmer is installed at the side of the pool to skim the surface of the pool before the contaminants float to the pool.  However, if there’s not, you can ask the swimming pool builder service to install in your pool.

Clean The Filters Regularly:

Filter’s of the pool works by continually removing impurities from the water thereby keeping it clean and ready-to-use.  Just like the kidney’s work to filter-out contaminants, the filter of the pool also remove filth and contaminants from the water. It removes dirt, leaves and even small toys from the water.

You can also clean your pool by simply turning off the filter and removing the cap of the filter which is situated on the deck of the pool. Make sure to remove all debris before doing this.

Furthermore, you should also clean pipes that are used in the filter system. Just the backwashing and it’s done.

Check the Chemical Level of Your Pool:


Maintaining chemical level is one of the most important things in the pool’s maintenance.  Failing which, it can lead to skin and eye redness, and will give rise to many bacteria.

Usually, there are six different chemical levels that one should consider for balancing in the pool:

  • Chlorine:

It acts as a sanitizer to keep your pool germ-free and safe for swimming.

  • Cyanuric acid:

It protects the chlorine from direct sunlight and also helps in determining the amount of free chlorine which is required in the water. An ideal pool reading of cyanuric acid is 30-50.

  • PH level:

To safeguard the body from skin allergies, it is very important to maintain the PH level of the water.  This will also safeguard the pool from corrosion, slack and other chemical debris that easily get deposited in it. Ideally, the acidity or the PH level should between 7.5 and 7.8 %.

  • Alkalinity:

It helps in keeping the PH level maintained and ranges from 60 to 120.

  • Use baking soda:

Let’s face it; pool chemicals are quite expensive. So how about trying something from the kitchen-the baking soda?  Baking soda does the same job as that of sodium bicarbonate.

Use a Tennis Ball to Remove Oil from the Pool:

When swimmer comes out of the pool, oily things like tan lotion, hair protector and other greasy things that we use to protect our skin left in the pool, which is hard to clean. Throw a tennis ball; the fibers associated with them will absorb all oils leaving a slick sheen on the water.

So, those were some pro tips, why waiting for somebody to do the cleaning. Clean yourself and make your pool party-ready!