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7 Trending Denim Shorts Styles Every Girl Must Have

Summers are the best time to flaunt your sensuality and fashion quotient. If you have a contradictory notion, then you have a lot to learn about style and trends. Fashion is not about possessing expensive clothes. It is about making your own identity among others.

Denim Shorts Trends to Follow this Summer-

Your clothes must fit the occasion and the climate. If you prosper in striking a balance between the two aspects, then you will be the center of attraction for all the right reasons. For instance, a fashionista can make a hot and humid summer day as pleasant as the spring evening with a proper selection of clothes. What? You think that is a myth? Then this article will assist you to delve deep into the world of fashion, style, and trends. Here, you will learn about hot denim short trends for women in 2018.

1. Stay cool and casual this summer



Denim shorts are fashionable as they are comfortable. Wearing full-length jeans, trousers, and skirts will make your legs sweaty. It gives anything but a comfortable feeling. Wearing short and attires will lower discomfort and up your style quotient. Short dresses and skirts will flaunt your feminine side. For those ladies, who desire to highlight their bold and courageous side, shorts will be the ultimate pick. It is ideal for the leggy lasses, who have to be out and about on hot sunny days. These are good for going to casual events, and will not take much of your time.  If you have shorts and some basic tops, you will be able to create trendy looks within minutes.

2. Acid-washed shorts


Acid-washed or tie and dyed denim shorts are very popular among celebs and commoners alike. Most young Hollywood stars and pop sensations have been spotted in these bright Ts and faded shorts. Myriads of graphic T-shirts are available in the market. You need something subtle to balance the hues. What can be a better option than the acid-washed or tie and dyed shorts? Go easy on the footwear, and a tie-up flat will do justice to the look. If you want to wear a cream colored, off-white or light-hued top, then adding statement accessories will give an expensive look.

3. Striped tops with cuffed jean shorts


Boyfriend shorts have always been in fashion. If the denim shorts are loose, then pair it with semi-fitted shirts or T-shirts. If ill-fitted pants are not your thing, then you will get several body-hugging cuffed shorts. The roll-up feature adds an edge to the look. It is best to keep accessories to a minimum. Sleeveless or short-sleeved stripped tops, with a light linen jacket, will complete the look.

4. High-waist denim shorts


Denim shorts with high waist pop in and out of trends regularly. If you are feeling too lazy to dress for running some errands, then throw a tight T-shirt and team it with shorts with high waist. It will offer the boho-chic look that is in vogue this summer. Opting for crop tops will assist in flaunting your feminine side. These are available in several colors, patterns, and sizes. These shorts impart a carefree look and are popular among school and college students.

5. Ripped and distressed shorts


Many fashion conscious ladies try to keep it as simple as possible during summers. Less layering means increased comfort. Possessing some basic linen and cotton shorts and T-shirts will assist in achieving the goal. What about your fashion quotient? Ripped and distressed jeans shorts will add character to the ensemble and set you apart from the others. When teamed with right tops, footwear, and accessories, frayed shorts can bring a new oomph to your personality.

6. Embroidered shorts


Gone are the days when embroidery was limited to dresses. Thanks to new fashion trends, you can see threadwork on jeans and denim shorts as well. Embroidered shorts will rule 2018 summer months. These are available in different designs and colors. Any top will look good with these shorts. Make sure that it fits your curves well, and you are good to go.

7. Two-Toned Jean Shorts


If you desire to sport a well-groomed look, then ditch the distressed or oversized shorts. It is time to team up double tanned shorts, with solid colored tops. Lack of folds and splits at the edges will give you a clean look. To accentuate the classy feel, wear a fitted shirt within and put on a light blazer on top. Opt for heels instead of flats.

There are unending designs and colors of denim shorts to pick from. No matter what your waist size is, you will find the perfect fit for online and offline stores. Yes! You might have to put in some more effort and time to pick the right short. Pair it with the proper top wear and accessories, and you will be able to turn heads without much fuss. Ditch the same old minis, dresses and A-line skirts. It is time to explore your wild side with ripped shorts. These will increase your style quotient, and keep your legs cool during the hot and humid days.

Still worried about your fashion budget? The shorts will come to your rescue here as well. You will find the high end as well as affordable shorts in the outlets and online sites. With a little search, you will also get inexpensive dupes of high-end fashion labels. One need not spend thousands to rock the fashion scene. All you require is some creativity, mix and matching skills and a whole lot of confidence to carry off the attire. Being comfortable is the essential element. If you are comfortable in your clothes, then you will look beautiful no matter what you wear.