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The Tribeless Conqueror: The Story of Riding ahead of all Stereotypes

Independence Day is one of the most celebrated and enthusiastic days of India. The aura of independence still shines in our eyes whenever we see our national flag, hear a patriotic song or watch a heart touching movie based on our country. No doubt, we have come a long way from where we started, the progress we made is highly commendable considering the struggles our country went through.

But talking about freedom, is it really there? Are women of our country actually free to pursue their dreams and live a life of their own? Well, lawfully speaking women are equally free, but practically freedom seems just a mere thing on paper. This year, we won’t highlight the cases where women have been victimized but we would feature victorious stories of women who overcame their fears and lived their own moment of independence.

Our next story of the campaign #mystoryofindependence is the about following your passion and finding happiness.

The Tribeless Conqueror


 Biking was never something that I looked as a pass time hobby or for that matter as a hobby at all. Ever since the first journey, I was well convinced that I have found my passion, something I’d give up everything else for and ever since then there was no looking back for sure.

From beaches to the hill, from desserts to snow-cladded mountains, I have a sense of pride within me that I have conquered it all. Coming this far, one thing I am aware that it was not a cake walk, being married woman it was not an easy task to convince my husband and my in-laws to give me an approval to go ahead, especially after a major footfall wherein I met with an accident few months after my marriage and had to get my leg operated, the time called in for a difficult phase for me, the thoughts of me not getting to ride again had taken over me and the first thing I asked the doctor who operated me was if I could ever get back to it?

I have always been someone who has lived her life on her terms whilst respecting everyone around and carrying out my responsibilities well. Looking back, I wonder how I must have done it, from buying my own KTM to reaching the final leg of “True Wanderer”, from being called names like a tomboy to telling me why it’s a bad idea to choose biking as a profession, somewhere in the middle of all this I only became more and more sure about taking up this as a full-time thing. I have visited Rajasthan in the bright sunny days and Spiti in its full snow night time.

Being a biker doesn’t make me any less of a woman, I love cooking and dressing up, also whenever I am not on an adventure I like working as a digital marketer and coming up with new ideas.

In September 2017, on an invitation of Ministry of Tourism Government of Jammu & Kashmir, I went to Jammu. More than 60 bikers were gathered at Jammu for taking part in one-week long biking expedition. Out of them, there were only two lady riders, myself and one more from Punjab. The aim of this expedition was to visit some of the most remote and world’s second most dangerous road – Cliff Hanger road in and around Jammu where people do not visit and travel, also to promote tourism of Jammu. The total travel distance to cover in one week was 1400kms. After this ride, I was awarded a trophy and a certificate by Srimati Priya Sethi, Minister of Tourism Government of Jammu & Kashmir.

tribeless girl

30th January 2018 marked as a proud day for me as to the date I am the sole woman biker who could reach up to the Lossar. When you take up your passion as a profession you don’t have to worry about your bills, as and how I got serious about my work, the sponsorships kept coming, and the next in pipeline is an excursion to Udaipur and hitting the Northeast line of Himalayas.

I am also into blogging and write frequently about solo traveling on my page ‘The Tribeless Girl’. Initially, everything is a struggle but as time progresses you know what really matters and all you got to have is confidence within yourself, for you got your best backing and at the end of the day the person you look at in the mirror should be proud and happy, nothing else really matters.


  • Amruta Shirbhate

    Well done prajakta.. biking as ur profession tought u to overcome d hurdles and today i can c u at such a respected position.. congratulations..keep biking..keep writing

  • Joy Menezes

    Prajakta you have been an inspiration to all those women who think that there is another world to be explored. Though the sports you have chosen is not so easy one but not difficult too. Carry the mantel of freedom and be an Avante Garde to your folklore.