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Why to use a Menstrual Cups during Periods?

Select the appropriate female hygiene products for the best kind of support and comfort

The presence of many unscientific concepts makes it all the more difficult to handle periods in a stress-free way. Thankfully times have changed and there is some awareness about it among both women and the male population as well. However, with the changing times, women have also learned to deal with their bodily functions in a better way and are on the lookout for practices and products that will enable them to deal with the hormonal drop and bleeding in a comfortable way.

The taboos and myths that surround periods

Many concepts and taboos are associated with periods. In the present century, a lot has changed, and women can gain knowledge about female hygiene products and acquire one that best suits her. However, womankind has suffered from a lack of awareness and illogical taboos for quite long. Exercising, running, swimming and/or playing were not regarded as safe during periods. Apart from the problem of staining it was also believed that it is harmful to the health of a woman to engage in any sports activities during periods.

There is no scientific backing, but PMS symptoms can cause a woman to feel pain and cramps. However not engaging in strenuous activity during period depends solely on the woman and if she is not experiencing any discomfort, then there is no reason to not work in a normal rhythm.

Gaining the confidence to work freely during periods

Taboos associated with periods have led women to shun public activities. However, with innovative products like a  Menstrual Cup, a woman can easily work on her tune during periods.

Menstrual cups are insert-able cup-shaped devices which can be placed inside the vagina so that the blood that comes out of the cervical opening drips into the cup. Once a cup is inserted it has to be sealed by twisting the bottom or stem of the cup. As soon as the seal is secured, then no staining would occur until the cup becomes full. Spillages occur only when the cup doesn’t sit in a seated position in the vagina.

The benefit of using a menstrual cups during periods

If a woman wants to switch to a carefree period experience, then the menstrual cups are undoubtedly the ultimate choice. The multiple benefits provided by a menstrual cup to women are enlisted below:

  • There is no need to worry about frequent changes:

In the case of most absorbent fabric which is used for soaking blood, the pad or tampons have to be disposed of after 4 hours. However when a cup is used then blood gets collected and not absorbed, so there are fewer chances of bacterial growth.

  • The cup can be used for a lifetime:

Disposable items have to be bought often, and everywhere it is not possible to dispose of a female hygiene product, but if a cup is properly maintained by boiling it before and after use, it can be used for a long time.

Hence, selecting the most appropriate products that offer supreme comfort is sensible.

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