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5 Valid reasons to start doing back extension exercises

The hyperextension or the back extension is a strength training exercise commonly done on roman chairs, which offers the padding and support necessary to perform the specialty movements. The back extension exercises when performed properly strengthen your lower back, glutes, core, and abdominals all at once. This is one of the essential exercises to be done on a regular basis to gain strength on your lower back. People often neglect these exercises because they think that all of those deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, and crunches will provide more than enough strength for their lower back. But this is not the case. Adding a hyperextension bench to your regular workout routine might be just the thing you need to bring your physique and performance to a higher level.

Listed below are the five main reasons and benefits you should start doing hyperextension exercise on a regular basis.

1. Improves Your Posture:


Hyperextension exercises reinforce your core, which helps you make it easier to maintain an upright position throughout the day. Doing hyperextension exercises on a daily basis will also stretch out and make your back muscles stronger in ways that any other exercise can’t, making it easier to remain upright all the day.

2. Reduces Back Pain:

back pain

If you have a back pain much often, the most common reason could be a bad posture, weak lower back muscles, and weak glutes. The Roman chair back hyperextension, as we have already mentioned, produce an improvement in all three areas of your body. If you are struggling with a back pain. It is worth trying the back extension exercise to get the benefits. You have to be very careful while performing the Roman chair hyperextension exercise and always consult your doctor if you are having chronic pains.

3. Strengthens Your Entire Body:


Even though we know that the hyperextension exercise works only for the lower back, but this powerful bodyweight exercise will also target your core, glutes, and hamstrings. And that’s not all, if you are performing the move in the right ways, it will also be benefitting your upper back, deltoids, and arms. The hyperextension exercise will also make you active in the daily work routine.

4. Improves Physical Performance:

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Among all of the benefits mentioned above, doing the hyperextension exercise regularly can help you improve your athletic performance as well. This is specifically true when you are doing full body strength training exercises such as squats, deadlifts, etc. where a stronger lower back is essential. The hyperextension exercises will also boost your fitness abilities in almost every workout you perform. This is because the core muscles are often the most widely used in the workouts.

5. Customizability:


The great thing about back extension exercises are when you are working out on a Roman Chair, there are multiple back extension variations that you can perform on them. In addition to hyperextension variations, the Roman chair is almost always adjustable to accommodate the physical needs of any trainer.