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5 Ways you can Easily Enlighten your Mood

Experts often say happiness doesn’t lie in fat paychecks or in an engagement ring. They say it lies within yourself. Sometimes that happiness hash rivalled down, hidden so deep within that it can be difficult to find it. In times like these, you need to know how to help yourself. Like caffeine pumping in energy, you need to find that burst of light that can reverberate through your body and bring you out of the dark place.

How to Enlighten your Mood?

You might think it’s easier said than done. Actually, it’s easy to do too. Here are five simple exercises to enlighten your mood within seconds.

1. Find an Outlet


It can get difficult to process emotions – especially if there are so many pent up inside you. Negative emotions and stress, if not let out, finds a way to muddle up the mind in ways that leave a scar behind. Finding your outlet is a personal journey. One person’s outlet does not necessarily have to be yours. Some people prefer to lift some weights in the gym and some others like to breathe through yoga and relax. Those happy endorphins can brighten your mood right back.

Meditation can clear the mind and give you the much-needed inner peace you yearn. You can even laugh your way out with a video of your favourite stand-up comic. You can give power to your creative side by doodling or sketching. The important part is finding an outlet for your emotions. If not anything, have a good cry. There is no shame in letting your emotions out. It helps you calm down and enhances your mood almost immediately.

2. Take a Nap

take a nap

A 20-minute escape on a beautiful luxury mattress is a power nap done right. Naps improve your mood and your ability to manage stress. It provides clarity to your thoughts and mentally prepares you to take better decisions. The phrase ‘sleep on it’ is around for a reason. Naps improve your well-being and increases your energy levels. Any time you feel frustrated and feel your emotions spilling over, just curl up for a quick nap and let your brain do the rest.  

It is important to note that taking a nap doesn’t substitute sleeping at night. It is merely a tool where you revitalise your brain. With the increasing amount of stress and anxiety we face in our everyday life, it can get difficult to process a lot of emotions. Even if it means you have to cut your lunch break short, take a nap, let your brain avail the benefits of a nap.

3. Find the Cause


Depression can be caused by hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, substance abuse, an imbalance in neurotransmitters, social isolation, genetics, grief and so on. However, a very important contributing factor is sleep deprivation. According to Harvard Health, those with a history of sleep problems or insomnia were four times more likely to develop depression. Therefore, it is important to keep a vigilant eye out and spot sleep deprivation symptoms early on.

There are numerous reasons as to why you might not be sleeping well. It might be wise to consider meeting with a specialist or enroll in an expert run program like the Level Sleep Partner Program. Some people experience twitches that stir them awake. In these cases, hypnic jerk treatment programs can find the cause of anxiety and sleep better. Not only does sleep deprivation contribute to developing mental illnesses, but it can also hamper treatments and force relapses. Therefore, it is more effective to tackle the root of the problem than suppress the symptoms.

4. Experiment with solutions

using cbd oil

We have discussed natural solutions to relieve stress and anxiety. There are also some new-age cutting-edge solutions that can help you relax as well. There are many healing associations with CBD oil and sleep, stress, anxiety and migraines. The medical effects of the oil have been an integral part of therapy for years and only now gaining the popularity it deserves. The oil is edible, can be cooked or used in foods. One of the main advantages of using CBD oil is the drastic relief it provides for those suffering from mental health issues.

The oil has no psychoactive components and therefore, does not produce a ‘high’. There are no side effects like the alteration of mental states. It has not only been used to relieve anxiety and stress but also help people sufferingfrom cases of social anxiety, panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disordersand post-traumatic stress disorder. It is vital to put behind negative perceptions and experiment with solutions that can drastically improve your health.

5. Create a Happy Place

beautiful decor

Most often experts ask you to create a happy place in your mind. A quicker alternative to do this is to create a happy place in your home. You can find a nice little corner and create a sanctuary, away from the stressors and bustle of life. Decorate it with books, speakers to play relaxing reiki music, warm bedroom rugs, a nice arm chair to relax and so on. You can find escape in your quiet little nook that helps you meditate and gain clarity.

This is a conscious choice you have to make. By deeming the little nook your quiet place that no one else is allowed in, it becomes your personal refuge. You make the deliberate decision that every time you enter the space, you leave behind the negativity of the day. This space can help you relax, gain inner peace and lighten your mood immediately.

Mental illness is a growing epidemic in our times. It is one of the leading causes of disability among people. Fortunately, by removing the stigma and talking about it, people are finally getting the help they need. Organizations, therapists and specialists are providing the assistance people direly require. People with a family history of depression or other seriousmental illnesses should take active steps towards preventing or overcoming itearly on. It is also imperative to seek help from friends and family. Having someone to talk to, to confide in and gain support is a vital part of stayingrelaxed.