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10 Ways You can Get More Energy in your Teenage Years

Teenage is a period of times when a person grows into an adult. This time in a woman’s life is very important and to grow into strong women, teenage girls need to have energy and a healthy diet. Teenage is a time when many get their growth spurt and this is also the age where teenagers do not necessarily have a good diet. This is the age to eat junk food, go to school and party with friends.

How to get More Energy?

Taking care of the health is probably the last thing on most teenagers’ minds. The following are 10 ways teenage women can boost immunity and also build energy to become strong and independent women of the 21st century.
Most of the time teenagers start drinking due to peer pressure. Drinking is not bad but make sure to prevent binge drinking.

1. Avoid Junk Food

Some amount of junk food is very regular for a teenager. Having said that, excessive intake of junk food is very bad for health and it does not give teenagers much energy. Junk food is often processed food and it provides hardly any nutrients to the body. Also, it has a high concentration of fats and sugars that can lead to health problems.

2. Avoid High Sugar Intake

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Sugary drinks reduce stamina and result in loss of energy. Sugary food, fizzy drinks, chocolates, biscuits and other sweets offer an instant flow of energy but then this energy wears off fast and easily.

3. Increase Calcium Intake

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To be strong and have good energy levels maintained, teenage women need calcium in their diet. Calcium is available in many natural foods and is absorbed in the body with the help of vitamin D.  Calcium helps build bones and makes teenage women more strong and energetic. Calcium is available in foods like cereal, fish, dairy, tofu and green leafy vegetable. Calcium supplements are also available easily in the market which can be taken once a day by teenage women according to the right prescription.

4. Increase Intake of Iron


Iron is an important nutrient to gain strength and build energy. Iron supplements are available in the market which many teenagers use as getting enough iron is very important for teenagers. Iron helps teenagers improve cognitive functions, gives the energy to play sports, builds muscle and boosts immunity among teenage women.

Iron-rich foods include beef, poultry, eggs, spinach, beans and different types of nuts among other foods. Anemia is a deficiency that happens commonly among teenage girls due to lack of iron.

5. Physical Activity- Energy Booster


Exercise helps boost energy. Daily exercise for at least one hour helps build muscles and also helps teenage women get stronger joints and bones and increases the stamina among teenage girls.

In the age of social media, video games and computers, teenagers seem to want to sit around a lot and physical exercise is not the main focus for many teenagers. Getting teenagers interested in a sport is a good way to boost energy.

6. Regular Snacking


Teenagers are very picky about food. To build energy and strength, regular eating habits are very important. Eating regular meals and at regular intervals is an important way to boost energy. Eating in moderation as every meal helps teenagers absorb the nutrients of the food better and this helps boost energy.

7. Drinking Enough Water

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Drinking water may sound like the most basic instruction but without proper water intake, there will be no energy. Drink water instead of quenching thirst with sodas, coffees and other forms of drinks. Water improves the immune system, clears toxins and keeps teenagers hydrated which helps them get the energy to last longer without the threat of dehydration. Make sure to check the water you drink. If you are looking to buy a water softener do these Water Softener reviews.

8. Breakfast–A Key Energy Booster


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a good breakfast in the morning helps teenage women build carbohydrates and get essential nutrients at the start of the day. Fruits, carbohydrate-rich foods, dairy and nuts, and energy boosting drinks for breakfast keep teenagers full of energy throughout the day and help them go through the day with a positive frame of mind.

9. Mental Health


Having a positive frame of mind is very important for teenage women to feel energetic. It is very difficult to be a teenager in the age of social media and strong societal pressures in today’s time. Eating disorders rob a teenage woman of all the energy and these disorders need to be addressed immediately to help teenagers overcome their disorders. A strong mental health will make the teenagers feel stronger and more active and energetic.

10. Carbohydrates


It is essential for teenage women to have a sufficient intake of carbohydrates that are a prime source of energy and nutrients. Carbohydrates often get a bad name but potatoes, bread, cereal and other starchy foods are extremely important energy boosters for teenage women.


Teenage women need to be very careful about their health. Making teenage women understand the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle that provide high energy for their daily activity is very important. The above-mentioned ways will definitely boost the energy among teenage women and make them stronger.