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Why You Should Wear a Helmet While Riding a Bike?

Riding a bike is always a better option than riding a car because first bikes are environment-friendly and second, they are a great way to exercise too. So, if you ask for our suggestion then yes, we will always put bikes before cars. Another important factor that makes bikes more appealing is that they are less expensive than cars and everyone can afford one.

Well, we hope you are now convinced on why you need to get yourself a bike but this isn’t it, in fact, if you already have a bike or are going to buy one for the first time then there’s is something important that you need to know. And by important we are referring you to none other than a helmet which is a must for everyone who likes to ride a bike.

Why wear a helmet?

Wearing a motorcycle helmet doesn’t look cool or stylish but it is one of the most important things that you need to do without giving it a second thought. Because at the end of the day, your safety and security are way more important than anything else in this world and on the other hand accidents and injuries are inevitable so you have to make a smart choice.

Here are a few reasons that might convince you why you should wear a helmet every time you ride a bike.

1-It protects your head and brain

helmet for protection

Injuries to the brain or the skull can cause sudden death and it can even leave you in a trauma for the rest of your life which is why you shouldn’t take any risks by not wearing a helmet. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that people who wear a helmet have 85 to 88 percent chance of surviving a head injury as their head is covered due to the helmet. So, if you really love your life and if you don’t want to get injured at all then you need to get yourself a helmet too when you buy a bike.

2-It improves the ability to see

clear vision

You never know when it starts raining or snowing etc. Also, there are times when the dust becomes a hurdle for you and it makes things less visible and sometimes the dust going into your eyes can lead you to some serious accidents too. Now, this is where a helmet can come in handy, it can help you stay visible and ride your bike no matter what the weather condition is out there.

3-You will be following the law

riding law

There isn’t any specific law regarding wearing a helmet while riding your bike in Washington but still, in some areas like in Bellevue, you are supposed to wear a helmet no matter what bike you are riding and what time it is.

4-Set an example for your children

child riding cycle

Let’s face it, we can be irresponsible about ourselves but when it comes to our children, we all want nothing but the best for them which is why you need to wear a helmet with the intention to set a good example in front of your children. This will be like a good deed that you are doing and your children when they grow up will teach the same to their children and this example will then be passed on to generations.

These are some of the main reasons why you should get yourself a helmet when you buy your bike and make sure to wear your helmet everytime you ride your bike. This will protect you from falling victim to an inevitable accident and it will also teach others a lesson that wearing a helmet is extremely important for everyone.