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Here Are Some Stunning Winter Wedding Food Options

Picking the season of your wedding is one of the most exciting parts of planning your big day. Maybe you envision an outdoor summer barbecue in a lovely garden tent. Maybe you picture yourself among the bright colours of changing fall leaves. Or maybe you know that the winter is the season for your wedding with its cosy atmosphere and elegant, snowy landscapes.

Winter Wedding Food Options

No matter the season of your wedding, you are going to want to serve food your guests will love, and going with the freshest, finest ingredients for the time of year of your wedding is one way to do just that. When it comes to winter weddings, you have the benefit of being able to serve rich, crowd-pleasing foods as well as luxurious desserts. Things like melted cheeses, creative ways to serve up a potato, chocolate creations, and root vegetable soups are among just a few of the options for a stunning winter wedding menu.

1. Cheese, Cheese, Cheese


Always take the dietary needs of your guests into consideration when planning out your winter menu. When it comes to dairy, it’s likely that you’ll have more than a couple guests who have to abstain from any sort of cheese-stuffed hors-d’oeuvres. Still, because of the many ways you can serve it, cheese is a very attractive food to offer your guests at a winter wedding.

You can serve up a baked cheese appetizer that features a nice brie or camembert cheese. You could create small, two-bite grilled cheese sandwiches accompanied with a small serving of tomato soup for your cocktail hour. In addition to the many ways you can prepare your cheeses, there’s always the option to go with a good old-fashioned cheese platter with a winter-focused selection of rich options accompanied by other winter favourites like figs or walnuts.

2. One Potato, Two Potato…


There are so many ways to prepare a potato than to just think about the different options might make your head spin (and mouth water). During the winter, many of us tend to go a little easy on our diets and gravitate towards the starchy, carb-y potato.

For your wedding menu, you could have a potato bar with different styles of the favourite food: French fries, poutine, mashes potatoes, potato dumplings, tiny mugs of potato soup… there really is no end to the way you can work with this favourite vegetable.

3. Meat or Veggie?

meet and veggie

The winter menu tends to favour rich meats like prime rib, roast beef, or lamb. These options are sure to please your hungry guests, but if you’re looking for vegetarian options or you’re trying to keep things easy on your wedding budget, then you can always fill your guests’ plates with gorgeous in-season vegetables.

Especially if you’re offering vegetarian and vegan options to your guests, you don’t want there to be any dip in quality between the meat entrée and the alternative. A good caterer like the Food Dudes will be willing to work with you to pick only the best in what’s in season and present it in gorgeous, delicious ways sure to delight your guests and leave them satisfied.  While you’re done with the wedding, turn your focus towards a great reception too!

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