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7 Best travel tips for a solo women travelers’s safety

They say, “when the traveler goes alone, he gets acquainted with himself.”

Solo traveling is an indescribable experience that allows you to indulge yourself completely. You get to soak in the surrounding without considering the prejudices, tastes, and preferences of your traveling companions.

However, solo traveling has its perils too, especially for women travelers. Unlike men, solo women travelers get to struggle through a whole bundle of challenges, safety being the biggest of all. But there’s nothing in the world you can’t overcome without a little planning and preparation, right?

Here are the Best travel tips for women-

In this post, we aim to arm you with the right knowledge that will keep you safe on all your solo traveling adventures. Read in to discover!

1. Thorough research about the destination

travel plan

Before getting your travel finalized, making a proper analysis of the destination you are planning on exploring should be on the top of your to-do list. Internet being one of the most convenient sources nowadays can prove out to be of great help in your research.

2. Get the ride planned

plan ride

It is possible that you might arrive at your destination late night. So, to ignore any kind of inconvenience during such situations, it becomes essential to arrange for a cab to pick you up from the airport. You can research online for reliable taxi services and book a cab or airport limo to avoid any inconvenience upon your arrival.

3. Don’t trust quickly

make friends

Trusting people can turn out to be injurious when you are traveling solo to some unknown place. No doubt, meeting different people while exploring new places does feel good but trusting them enough to guard your belongings is not something you should do. We’d say meet new people, make friends, but at the end follow your gut!

4. Drink, not to get drunk


Here’s a tip which is applicable to both the home and the road. Excessive drinking can make you lose your senses and hence more vulnerable to the criminals around. So, do make sure that you drink slowly or in a manner that would not leave you tipsy at the end. Beware of the people around!

5. Get mixed up


Know that branding yourself as a tourist or complete stranger in a new place would give various criminals a chance to get you fooled. So, to avoid the situation it becomes vital to get yourself adapted according to people’s lifestyle and sense of clothing there.  This is where your initial research on a place would prove out to become a positive factor for you.

6. Prepare for the worst


Planning for the worst of the situation is something that you should focus upon. Make sure you keep copies of your important documents like passport and ID. If possible, also carry electronic copies in case something unexpected occurs and you lose the physical documents.

7. Keep the local emergency numbers handy

phone numbers

Local emergency numbers should be saved in your phonebook along with the numbers of the place you’re staying in and cab service. It is possible that you may never have to use them but it’s smarter to be safe than sorry.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy. But facing those challenges is what makes you a winner at the end.