Arrange or Love? Which Marriage is better?

Indian Society is evolving from the past where arrange marriage dominated the society. Therefore all the traditions, culture, beliefs, practices revolved around it. In today’s world, youth is more open towards love marriage. However, the traditional beliefs still persist in the society making it difficult for those who are in favor of former. Weddings are the big celebration of everyone’s life! People spend lots of money on their wedding day in expensive wedding cards, venue, buffet etc.  After all, it should be a mutual consent of the people getting married than the consent of the society. Although people are now starting to accept love marriages due to its merits, there still exist some cases due to which practices like honor killing take place.

Which Marriage is better?

  • Love marriage is driven by emotions. It overpowers the practicality of things, thereby creating more issues when you face the reality with time. Usually, separation rate is higher in love marriages.
  • Contrary to that, an arranged marriage where the boy & girl are forced to like each other before getting married. It is probably the best-case scenario to get married in India. Your family and your partner both co-operate to make it work. As the decision is mutual, therefore the separation rate is usually lower.

However, if the arrange marriage is forced by family, it typically means that either your family is too conservative, dominant or you are too dependent on them. In all these cases, if you have agreed to marry outside your choice, it is highly unlikely that in future you can go against them. Again, separation rate is lower (you may still be unhappy in life though).

Choose your life…

It is seen that your parents choose your life partner for they know what you want, and they will choose the best for you. Marriage is an important social event and every individual wants to have a perfect match. In love marriages, individuals choose partners on their own, while in case of arranged marriages, partners are being chosen by the family. There is no denial in the fact that marriage is the “riskiest decision” of one’s life. Its success or failure solely depends on the circumstances and people involved.

However, we all know that a great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences, be it any kind of marriage Both – the love and the arranged marriages have their merits as well as demerits and marriage is a decision of a lifetime.

Families are involved in most of the marriages. But still, it’s the couple who has to live together for a lifetime. So, the decision to choose life partner should be left to the individuals. Ultimately, no one can certify the best way for a perfect marriage because just like life, marriages too are full of uncertainties.

Author Bio- 

Rahul Jindal owns a wedding card company and likes to write about various topics like tradition, culture and art and architecture. Currently, he is focusing on different wedding styles, rituals, and traditions which followed all over the world.