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6 Amazing Traits of a Virgo Woman which Makes her Unique

Ruled by Mercury, a Virgo  Woman is here to make things happen. Mercury is named after the Roman messenger God and deity who controls communication, speech, luck, travel, boundaries, thieves, and trickery. Reflecting this nature of Mercury, a Virgo Woman also presents at least one of these values. Women born between the days of August 22 to September 22 falls under the sun sign of Virgo.

6 Special Traits of a Virgo Woman

  • Virgo Star Sign

Virgo star sign is considered a perfectionist sign. All they want is the perfect organization of things and even people. She is a great combination of intellectual mind and in-depth creativeness. Her thoughts are based on practicality because of her belonging to the element earth. She would not allow her emotions to surpass her intellectual, keeping her emotionally stable and staying focused towards other important things in life. Let us explore the distinct characteristics of a Virgo Woman in detail-

1. She believes in Practical Love


Love might be blind but it is surely not in case of a Virgo woman. Her analyzing skills work in the matters of hearts as well. She is not someone who would dive into the ocean of love all at once. She would detect your flaws and qualities, work on them and make you a better version of yourself. Not a fairytale person, she believes in practicality. She knows that love is not always about sugar coated things thus she also respects arguments in a relationship. This difference of thoughts makes her grow and even correct her. All this analyzing is for the sake of her security only. She seeks the kind of confidence and protection which she is willing to give.  Aware of her flaws, she needs reassurance many times. But once she’s fully assured, she would do anything to make the relationship work.

2. She Focuses on Details


Her habit of analyzing makes her very detail oriented. They like putting things at their place correctly specifying details. Thus, their keen interest in detailing makes them a commendable doctor, accountant, writer, librarian, analyst or even a gardener. She is someone always asking for work, even if she’s done with her assigned work! Punctuality flows in her blood. She values time and knows the importance of each passing time. This makes her little impatient when she sees that someone is delaying work or doing nothing.

3. She is Super Good with Money


Someone who values time so much, how can neglect money? Like everything else, she doesn’t take money casually at all. She believes in savings and more savings. All those flashy sales and risky short-term investments don’t attract her rather she is the one who would think numerous times before investing her hard earned money. It’s not about the shortage of money but it’s about her complete satisfaction. Even if she has won a lottery, she would be still worried about its management. She is not just a planner but also a doer. Putting great efforts in planning things, she moves step by step to secure herself in life. This quality of hers always keeps her safe from uncertain situations in life.

4. She is Reliable as a friend


A Virgo woman will always be there in your ups and downs. No matter what the situation is, she will be there holding you forever. She would let you about your mistakes, point out your flaws but only to make you better. As a friend, she won’t be someone who forgets friendship in her busy schedule. She is a perfectionist in managing time, this quality of her hers, let her be with everyone important in her life. She would be the first one to be there for a party, not for enjoying but to make sure that all the arrangements are done well. A friend like a Virgo woman won’t leave her friends alone in any important situation. Her friends can tell her bunch of secrets and she would be perfectly fine not telling anyone because probably she’s the best keeper.

5. She sets her own fashion


Not following the trends, she believes to wear what suits best on her. Like everything else, she wants her clothes to be well organized as well. Properly ironed, simple yet classy colors and clean lines represents her sense of fashion. She is not someone who would opt for weird funky tops, rather she would buy something tried and tested that fits her well. Her fashion is about her confidence! She wants her clothes to be equally representative of her personality. Thus, her clothes would not be out of the box but yet attractive.

6. She is a Problem solver


A Woman from this sign feel every problem has a solution which is very true, but the problems start when she is not able to solve it. She begins criticizing herself for not being a savior, though she tries her best make situations right. Not able to fix things, makes her run from it, finding other things to fix. The best part is she is not so harsh on herself. She allows help but only from her trusted ones. Sometimes, when things go against her, she takes a break to let things settle.

  • Virgo Compatibility with other signs

The concept of Virgo Compatibility with other signs goes very well with water and other earth signs. These signs include Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Cancer and Scorpio, being the water signs, blends well with the personality of Virgos. Both these signs value a Virgo’s requirement of security. Also, these signs attain great emotional depth, which allows them to see beyond a Virgo’s stiff unemotional side. This makes their relationship with each other even and well balanced. One quality which is highly found in these three signs is their inbuilt sense of caring. Thus, this would be a great bond.

Taurus and Capricorn belong to earth signs, similar to Virgo. These signs share a common trait of not socializing much. Though they seem to be a highly social person, they prefer to be around their loved ones only. This characteristic makes the signs spend time with each other because this is what they want. The mutual desire to be with each other to bring these signs closer. Also, all these signs are practical and hard working so by being with them, the perfect schedule of Virgos won’t get affected much.

More on a Virgo Woman


Her magnetic charm includes her selfless attitude, giving and empathic nature. She ranks high in terms of wit and mind and stimulating conversation of knowledge.

Building a defense mechanism is also part of her personality, she does this to protect herself from emotional breakdowns. As elaborated, she needs time to correctly analysis people. While she is going through the process of learning about someone, she creates an emotional barrier so that she doesn’t get hurt easily. She may also lose her loved ones if her analytical nature overcomes her nurturing nature.

If she lets you part to be within her small circle of trusted ones, don’t exploit the privilege. As she notices everything, the smallest effort of yours won’t go in vain so don’t hold yourself back doing little things for her. Will 2018 be the year of a Virgo woman? Get to know the Virgo horoscope.

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