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16 Pisces Woman Characteristics which Defines her Charm

A Pisces Woman has a sight of being an artistic person. So, if you are born between February 19 to March 20th (dates may vary) ,then you fall under Pisces zodiac sign who have a get sense of life cycle. These women are emotionally connected and they bond really well with others. A symbol of fish denotes it is a water sign. Being the last zodiac sign, this sign is calm and complete in itself. They are generally mysterious, and great secret keepers. With all these complex personality traits, they also very romantic and spiritual. All water signs have emotions deep as an ocean, this sign isn’t different from those water signs.

Pisces Woman Characteristics

They are goal oriented females, they always dream bigger and aim to grow fast and succeed fully. They are like the social animal who actually create their own existence. Having a good emotional side, they pair up easily with people and create their unique personality among others. They are artistic and usually amazing at creative activities like painting dancing singing etc.

This zodiac sign is ruled by Neptune. Best suitable stone for a Pisces is amethyst. Their lucky number is 1, 3 and 5 and their colors are red and pink.

Pisces Woman Traits: Positive

1. Loving


Pisces are emotional people, they are intense, caring and loving humans. So, a Pisces woman also tries expressing her love whenever she gets a little chance. Love and care is something she lives upon! If you are a Pisces, think about your heart, how pure you are for love. That’s how you are! You care and make people feel good around you.

2. Trustworthy:


The biggest thing that a person should hold is Trust and that’s what a Pisces woman holds the most. She is very trustful and doesn’t easily play the back game. She is someone you can trust and let her keep your secrets locked with her.

3. Shy:


She is amongst the calm and shy girls.  Any man can fall in love with her calm and shy nature. She holds her nature within herself with a wink of her love. She is an introvert so she doesn’t easily open up to everyone.

4. Helpful:


She is super helpful and she always tries to keep people around her happy. She always has a sight to a better thing for her and others around them. This quality makes her loved by all. That is something really adorable thing in her, she helps and stands for others.

5. Romantic


Oh the card of love is really strong for you honey. You are a romantic person and have a really intense feeling of love. You fall in love and then make it more deep and romantic. Love can easily blend itself in you. And you have a great bond for love. But as per your zodiac, it takes time to open up and express her feelings to someone.

6. Creative


As it is already said you are an artistic person, indeed you have a sharp cut towards creative ideas. Your thoughts and ideas have always something to cook. You are a person who believes in the DIYs concept. Your passion and way always walk towards creativity.

7. Mysterious:


You are a box of secrets! A Pisces woman is like the hidden treasure you know it all but don’t spell the bins out. So, you are really the most interesting person in the group because people want to know about you. And finding what’s in your heart can sometimes make people fall in love for you.

8. Gentle and kind:


You are not like others who yell around, you are a soft and gentle girl. A Soft hearted girl and a beauty of grace are exactly what you are. Your aura makes things calm and subtle around you.

9. Understanding:


You are the one who acts mature and tries to handle a situation maturely. For your people, you are always around to share their problems.

These are the qualities that make a Pisces woman highly lovable. But the coin has the other side too, so to let’s peep into the dark side of them.

Pisces Woman Negative Traits

1. Tempermental:


The anger is always on the tip of her nose, she is a sweet human but really short temper. She can burst any moment and can cause a real cry for sure. So this is something that you should be aware of. You are like the fire or a spark of fire that come over and goes away in a while. You don’t stay angry for a long but your short- temper nature is a danger sign.

2. Dependent:


She is always the pamper me, babies, she is not independent in general and likes to be held by someone. She like others to take charge of her. This is something every Pisces should change in themselves.

3. Careless:


Well, a Pisces isn’t someone you can give the responsibility of your crucial works. Because she is like the little girl and is sometimes really careless about her things. Which make things troublesome for them and others. Sometimes they can forget things within a second and lose something great.

4. Over-emotional:


Having emotions is a good call but getting over emotional is annoying. Sometimes, she is at so peak of her heart that she bursts out easily and over show her thoughts. She isn’t capable of controlling her feelings, be it love or anger, she always throws it out on others.

5. Dreaming bird:


Living in her own fantasy world so much, that she loses the reality. She often forgets to live in the real world and create her places in the dreams. So, she isn’t a real person. She believes in an imaginary world and this can be a problem in professional life because her imagination doesn’t work there.

6. Blame herself:


As she is so emotional, she lands up blaming herself for all the troubles and problems around her. This makes her feel guilty all the time.

7. Moody:


Her mood swings from tick to tock. You can never be sure what she feels at a time and how fast she switches to a crybaby to a happy go lucky one. They are highly unexpected girls. Mood swings are always with them to move. So if she is your GF then you are a great human and guru to tackle it.

Pisces Woman Compatibility


Most Compatible Zodiac Signs

Cancer :

Being both water signs, they share a beautiful emotional relationship. It’s easy to make love for them. But the work is hard in their sexual life. Because Cancers still like following the traditional bed methods whereas Pisces don’t. But they both have a great communication to understand.


Again both are water signs, the most interesting part is scorpio is a sex oriented sign and is really active on the bed. So they create a bond of love and sex which is a great sign of a healthy realtion. But their realtion can be a  little troublesome when it comes to trust. They can have trust issue a bit if they don’t  use their cards well.


These both have a amazing bond due to the bond of Neptune. Things between them will mostly never get boring as they share a share an amazing bond of love. Pisces can bring the excitement in the sex between both.

Most Incompatible Zodiac Signs


This can be a bad choice as libra balance things and are not so emotional so this pair can be a wrong choice And the trust can be less than a percent so without trust their can be no relation. So no for this match.


This is again a not so great match. They also don’t bond and the communication and trust are really below the lines. Pisces are sensitive and generally, they are not able to express Aries how they should soften their attitude. As they are not so open to change it becomes hard for them to get along.


They both are signs of love but the part that’s weird is that they both don’t get compatible for each other. They have sex, trust and communication issues all falling badly and away from each other. So this is also a sign of them not being compatible.

These are some great things about the Pisces so if you are pieces you know it now clear what is good and bad for you to go in.