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24 Best Poems To Get Inspiration, Motivation and Empowerment

“Poetry is the lifeblood of rebellion, revolution, and the raising of consciousness.”

Alice Walker

How do you define Poetry? It’s an art, an expression and a form representation of an individual’s ideology. The thoughts of poets just flow through their pen, forming a beautiful art by the composition of words. Poetry doesn’t require fancy words or commendable rhyming, all it needs is the purity of your heart and soul.

To encourage this magnificent form of expression, UNESCO recognized 21st March as the World Poetry Day. On this occasion, we brought the impressive poetesses of Instagram together to inspire, motivate and empower your thoughts. They write by their hearts, putting their life into words so that they can contribute to the healing of the society. Let’s have a look at their wonderful works-

Best Poems To Live and Celebrate Life-

1. Becca Lee

Becca Lee

Poet Bio:

Becca Lee is a writer from Newcastle, Australia. She writes only with the aim to inspire others to become their own inspiration, after having herself overcome the adversity of life’s trials and tribulations. She writes of the beauty of imperfection, the complete contentment of self-love and the magic of undying hope.

Instagram Profile: @beccaleepoetry

2. Emina Gašpar – Vrana


Emina Gašpar - Vrana

Poet Bio:

Emina Gašpar – Vrana is an established lawyer and a published poet based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her poetry of age-old wisdom carries over from our generation to the next as her literary contribution continues to do the immeasurable good of lifting heavy hearts out of suffering. It is by laying words down on a page with disarming honesty that she consistently delivers a blow for freedom for those who have been shackled by their trials and tribulations. Her poetry is both soulful and liberating.

Instagram Profile: @emina.gasparvrana

3. N.R. Hart


nr hart

Poet Bio:

N.R. Hart started writing poetry at a young age as a way to express my feelings. As a romantic poet, she tries to spread love, hope, and vulnerability with her poetry. She wants to write about what others aren’t saying, all the thoughts in your head. Her first book of poetry “Poetry and Pearls” Romantic poetry volume 1 was released in 2016.

Instagram Profile: @n.r.hart

4. Stacie Martin


stacie martin

Poet Bio:

Stacie Martin- Mother of three I work as a counselor with at-risk youth. Been writing all of my life. Love nature, painting, yoga.

Instagram Profile: @stacie.martin

5.  Aleesha Khan

Poet Bio:

Aleesha Khan is a writer and a strong mental health advocate whose poetry pulls at various aspects of living with an anxiety disorder. She writes from the unique perspective of an Iranian woman of colour living with generalized anxiety disorder bringing awareness to the realities of that with her writing.

Instagram Profile– @selflove.r

6. Nina Green


Poet Bio:

Nina Green is from England. She writes because it keeps her sane. She puts a little piece of herself into everything she writes and it’s her way of putting her soul out into the universe.

Instagram Profile:  @nina_green_poetry

7. Christine Wairimu


Christine Wairimu

Poet Bio:

Christine Wairimu is a visual artist, author, print and performing poet. She’s a present becoming is what she refers to herself as. Through her work, she hopes people find themselves and to learn that they are entire universes on their own.

Instagram Profile: @wairimu__das_schonste_madchen

8. Jessica Michelle


Poet Bio:

Jessica Michelle is a body positive,caffeine-addicted lover of words. Of all the titles she holds, being a mother and partner are her two favorites. She has loved and lost, and she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to decide which is harder. This is why she writes.

Instagram Profile:  @_jessica.michelle_

9. Shefali Dang


Poet Bio:

Shefali Dang is Currently living in Toronto. Mommy of two and stay at home mom by choice. She has always loved writing and She started writing poetry from the time she was in school. Besides writing she loves photography.

Instagram Profile: @soulfullyscribbled

10. Priya Dolma TamangPriya Dolma TamangPoet Bio:

Dr. Priya Dolma Tamang is a medical graduate from the Himalayan terrain of Sikkim, a northeastern Indian state. She is the author of “Ivory Gleam”, a compilation of poetry and prose, and continues to share her passion for words on her Instagram handle

Instagram Profile: @poetryandprosebyk

11. Susan LlewelynSusan LlewelynPoet Bio:

Susan Llewelyn is the founder and editor-in-chief of By Me Poetry, a community hub on Instagram and an innovative indie press that promotes, supports and publishes poetry from poets across the globe.

Instagram Profile: @susanllewelyn

12. Anna Corniffe

Anna Corniffe

Poet Bio:

Anna Corniffe is a twenty-something years old Jamaican writer. She looks forward to rainy Sundays and is extremely passionate about all the ways she can consume potatoes. She is the author of Heavy Crowns, a collection of poetry currently on Amazon.

Instagram Profile@theannacorniffe

13. Odile Jordan

Odile JordanPoet Bio:

Odile Jordan is an eighteen years oldDutch-born and bred. She has been reading and breathing and dreaming the English language for as long as she can remember. With words, She hopes to reach and inspire others, connect with every one of her readers, and maybe even make a positive impact on some.

Instagram Profile: @odilejordan

14. Elizabeth M. Fraser


Poet Bio:

Elizabeth M. Fraser always felt different, like she was meant to be a part of a change greater then she could understand. She had her fair share of lows in life as well as the highs, and yet all the tears cried, all the pain endured has made her stronger, thickening her skin. At first, she was stone cold and then she realized she needed to keep breaking herself in order to heal herself. In the beginning writing for her was a form healing, dealing with depression, it still is, but she wouldn’t trade her hard times for anything. In her darkness she has found her light, she has found her freedom.

Instagram Profile: @elizabethmariaf

15. Amara Malik

amara malik

Poet Bio:

Amara Malik is a student at the University of Toronto studying English and professional writing. She’s an avid reader and writer and has a passion for editing. She aims to help others improve their writing to the best that it can be. She’s currently an editor-in-chief of a creative writing magazine she helped create at her university and has been featured on multiple

Instagram Profile: @amaramalikpoetry

 16.  Amy Swartz

amy swartz

Poet Bio:

Amy Swartz is a 23-year-old living in Cape Town, South Africa. She is a recent B.Com Law graduate and she is currently completing an online Public Relations (PR) course. She enjoys reading, writing and spending time in nature.
Instagram Profile: @kaleidoscopeofwords

17.  D. M



Poet Bio:

D.M is a small town writer, wife, mother, encourager. She writes in hopes that her words find the right hearts to pour into, and that they strengthen and encourage you along the way. When she’s not writing, you can find her looking for an outdoor adventure, going for a long country drive in her pick up truck, and bringing the imaginations of her children to life enjoying simple things. She encourages you to believe in yourself today, keep pushing through and moving forward because you were meant for more than you can imagine.
Instagram Profile: @d.m__poetry

18. Sunidhi Raiya

Sunidhi Raiya

Poet Bio:

Sunidhi Raiya (19) is a student of biotechnology currently pursuing Honors Medical Biotechnology from Amity University, Noida. She has ample interest in literature, specifically poetry. She belongs to New Delhi where she stays with her family. She is Ambitious and full of passion.

Instagram profile: @splendid_words

19. Urja



Poet Bio:

Urja is a girl who is neither a writer nor a poet.  She doesn’t even know how to write, it’s just experiences, some good and some bad.  She mixed them up and that’s how her poetry was born. Hope you guys like it and feel it.
Instagram Profile:  @silent_but_loud._

20. Tyler Zeanah


Poet Bio:

As an emerging young poet and storyteller, I believe in the power of vulnerability and sharing experiences and struggles that connect us as human beings. I advocate for mental health awareness and the power of authentic truth, no matter how dark. Follow me on Instagram @tyraeezpoetry where I have been featured on popular poetry accounts such as “Words With Queens,” “By Me Poetry,” “Her Heart Poetry,” and “Untwine Me.”

Instagram Profile:@tyraeezpoetry

21. Lily LeMasters

Lily LeMasters

Poet Bio:

Lily LeMasters lives in Beverly Hills – USA.  She has been writing since her early teen years. She’s a published writer on a book from a London based editorial called Twisted “Anthology of Horror” that came out this past December 2017 in Kindle.

Instagram Profile: @lilylemasters

22. Srishti Tyagi



Poet Bio:

Srishti Tyagi is a voracious reader and a passionate writer with a vivid imagination. She loves sharing the thoughts that tug at her heartstrings through her writings. An Instagram poet, she weaves words on contemporary subjects like self-empowerment, love, pain, heartbreaks, healing, self-love and more.  She is the author of Finding my special place. This is her debut novel that explores the sensitive and impressionable minds of teenagers, their emotional, physical and mental contradictions, the underlying current in their relationships, and the myriad expectations during their journey to adulthood.
Instagram Profile: @srishti Tyagi

23. Tannu Verma



Poet Bio:

Tannu Verma, a 19 yr old girl living in New Delhi. Currently pursuing engineering but She would like to be called an amateur write.
Instagram Profile: @_la_reflexion

24. Sherry


Poet Bio:

Sherry operates a poetry page on Instagram. A place where your thoughts will be provoked, emotions moved and support is shown.
Instagram Profile: @sherrys_poetry
Each poetry has its own story and individuality, exhibiting the ideas and beliefs of the writers. If you liked the poetries above, you can follow the poets to get your daily dose of contentment.