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The best GM Vegetarian Diet Plan To Lose Weight Naturally In 7 Days

The GM diet is actually the vegetarian diet plan. As the name indicates it was developed by the General Motors to help its employees to lose weight and make them healthier. This diet plan is not only to lose weight but also to maintain our body with proper health and make us look slim and good looking too.

The vegetarian diet is the easiest and fastest method to lose your weights. Eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis makes you keep your body fit. This diet plan has become very popular among everyone. This really works well and offers you a good result. In this post, I will explain you all the steps to carry out a GM diet.


The GM diet plan is a 7-day vegetarian plan. To carry out anything, at first, we have to know its benefits to estimate the outcomes we are going to get. Most probably you’ll get the following results when you follow this plan.

  1. Keeps you fresh and active the whole day.
  2. Losing nearly 6 to 8 kilos in a week.
  3. Fills your stomach but less in calories.
  4. Reduces the disease risk.
  5. Slim, fit and good looking.

When you read this, first you will not be able to believe it and will deny this. But, it is possible to get these results in a week when you follow the GM diet plan. It might be a risky one to follow at the beginning. When you finally reach the outcomes you will love it for sure. It is important to make sure that your body is fit enough to follow this diet plan. So, it is better to get advice from your family doctor before you start it.



     To make yourself prepare for this diet plan, you have to avoid all the non-vegetarian, high-calorie content food items. Consumption of alcohol and drugs must be avoided. If these are not followed then it is of no use in carrying out this diet plan. The GM diet plan makes you eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and starch content foods. The advantage of eating fruits and vegetables is that it increases the digestion, metabolic rate.

You will not be consuming carbohydrate for a week. In order to compensate that, it is essential to drink plenty of water.You have to drink nearly 3 to 4 liters a day. Water offers you energy and makes you feel fresh and more energetic. It also removes the unwanted wastes from your body. It is more important that you have to be conscious of what you eat while following the diet.

Don’t be in an urge in losing weight. In case if you get any health issues or become ill during the diet, please refer to your family doctor and stop the diet plan. You can start it after you become well. After completing a week of the diet plan, it is better to leave a small break of 2-3 days before starting it again. The steps to be followed in the 7 days are as follows.

Day 1- A fresh start:

The first day of the diet is usually the highly risky one. Make your mind and body ready for the diet. You should not be deviated by any other stuff as you are going to eat only fruits. You can consume it as slices. But, make sure that you don’t add anything to it. It is better to consume it as it is so that you will not add anything extra to it. Adding anything extra to it makes your diet of no use.

You can consume fruits like apples, pomegranates, oranges, melons. It is advisable to avoid grapes, bananas, litchi, and mangoes because these are fruits with high glycemic levels. If you prefer eating melons more, you can easily reduce your weight by 3 pounds. You can eat how much ever you want. But, you have to eat only the listed fruits and nothing else. Drink more water every day. So, the first day of the GM diet ends completely with only fruits.



The second day will be a day filled with fiber and nutrients. You can start the day with a boiled potato. But note that only one potato and not more than that. You can also add a single teaspoon of butter to it. Like the previous fruit day, you can eat anything but only vegetables.

It is important that you eat a potato and then continue with the vegetables. You can boil it or eat it raw. It’s your wish, but only vegetables. It’s your duty to fill your stomach with only vegetables. So, you don’t consume any food with high calories all the day.

The completion of the second day makes you feel better and perfect to carry out the diet plan. You will get used to the plan and you’ll not face any risk in continuing the plan. Be sure that you follow all the rules properly.


The day 3 is the day where you feel better as you are going to consume both fruits and vegetables as mentioned on day 1 and 2. You can consume the mentioned fruits and vegetables any number of times except the potato. The main reason for making you to eat potato on the day 2 is that for getting carbohydrates.

But, on this day you will consume fruits so you’ll get enough carbohydrates from it. You can feel the loss in weight slightly on this day as your calories started to burn. You will no more feel uneasy in following the diet plan. Don’t forget to drink more water. It is an essential one in the plan.


Guess you remember that you were told not to eat bananas. “To everything, there is a season and time for every purpose”. Like this saying, this day is the time for you to eat bananas. These might be fruits with high glycemic levels. But, they serve as a source of the potassium and sodium to our body.

There is no other source of potassium and sodium as we don’t include salt in our diet. You have to consume nearly 6 bananas and drink 4 glasses of milk on the 4th day. You can also prepare a soup with onions, capsicums, garlic, and tomatoes and have it for a meal.

This is just to make you feel free from continuous intake of fruits and vegetables. Be sure that you drink only once and not more than that. Be conscious about the diet plan you are following. Never change your mind in-between. Have a control over yourself. On the completion of the 4th day, you’ll be more dedicated towards the diet plan.

DAY 5- YUMMY DAY:     

This day is going to be a full-flavored day for you. You will really enjoy this day for sure. You can consume tomatoes, sprouts, and paneer adding soy to it. The best way is to prepare a soup and have it for a meal. You can have 6 tomatoes on this day.

Note that, this is only to increase your water consumption. This will help you clean your body by increasing the metabolic rate. Don’t forget to drink more water as the day gets increased in your diet plan.


All these days you’ll be bored of consuming tomatoes. So, it’s the right time to stop the tomatoes and concentrate only on paneer, sprouts, and vegetables. You will feel the changes happening in your body very well on this day and you’ll really love it.

But don’t get excited while noticing it. Because a small change in the body can affect the diet. The only thing to be noticed regularly is that you drink enough water and eat only mentioned vegetables. Vegetables make you feel fresh and active in doing work.


Day 7 is the final and the most important day of your diet plan. You can feel the outcomes of your diet plan very well on this day. I am sure that you’ll feel happy and satisfied on this day. You can have a fresh juice and a half chapatti or a bowl of brown rice.

Note that, you have to consume only brown rice. And you can end up the day by having vegetables like the previous days. On this day you will feel like you have achieved something big by following the GM diet plan. On finishing this you can have an assurance that nobody can stop you from becoming fitter and healthier.




  • Avoid consuming fruits in the form of juices. Consume it in slices.
  • Drink plenty of water as much as you can.
  • You can also prepare salads and have it for a meal but note that you don’t add anything which has high-calorie content.
  • You can also prefer adding other vegetables like cauliflower, corn, peas, cabbage.
  • Try to avoid beans as they have high-calorie content.
  • Regular exercise helps you more during the diet plan.
  • Avoid intake of tea, coffee, alcohol during the diet.
  • Have a control over yourself while intake of food and be more conscious.
  • Avoid intake of sugar and salt.
  • Be sure that you follow all the steps correctly as mentioned.



Once you complete the 1st diet plan, you will be satisfied with the outcomes you’ve got. So, don’t be in an urge in starting the next diet plan. It is better and a must for a break before you start the next one. In the in-between break you can have a regular food but note that you don’t consume foods with too much of calorie content. You can make your taste buds free from the fruits and veggies for 2-3 days.

Don’t forget to drink more water even on normal days. Because water makes your metabolic rate higher and keeps your body clean from unwanted wastes. You need not stop the regular exercise during the break. You can follow it daily even on break days. Exercise makes your body fit, perfect and fresh.

Your GM vegetarian diet plan is in your hands. Make your body fit and perfect in just 7 days. All you want is that full dedication towards the diet. You have to follow all the rules as mentioned above. The most important thing you should have while following the diet is that you should be with patience.

“Great things come out of patience”. One who believes in the above saying will go greater heights in life. So, you need not wait anymore”. The right moment is in your hands with a perfect plan to maintain your body in a correct proportion. So, it’s your duty to take care of your health by following the correct diet plan.



The most frequently asked questions in following the diet plan is

  1. What are the alternative fruits and vegetables to consume during the diet plan?

Here are your answers for the above question.


Try to eat the mentioned fruits such as

Watermelon    – high water content the nest fruit for weight loss.

Pomegranate – Lowers appetite and removes all the toxins from the body

Apple                – only 50 calories are present in a single apple.

Orange             – citrus fruits are extremely good during diet for fat burn.

In other cases, you can have the following fruits as an alternative.

  1. Guava – A fruit with low glycemic level.
  2. Pear – It has high fiber content.
  3. Berry – It possesses high antioxidants.
  4. Kiwi – It has both soluble and insoluble fibers in it.


The commonly mentioned veggies are

Potatoes    – Starch in cold boiled potato. Reduce abdominal fat.

Tomato      – Low-calorie content

Sprouts      – contains dietary fiber in it.

Onions       – It adds flavor to food. Prevent formation of fatty cells.

The best alternatives for these vegetables are

  1. Carrot – They have beta-carotene content and fiber in it.
  2. Cauliflower – This contains fibers, folate, and vitamin C.
  3. Bell Pepper – Helps to boost up the metabolism rate.
  4. Cucumber – Low calorie and non-starchy veggie.
  5. Cabbage – High in vitamin c.
  6. Broccoli – A unique one found only in this is “Phytonutrient Sulforaphane”. This is a low-calorie content food.
  7. Lettuce – Healthiest leafy green veggie which is low in calorie.