what do women want in a relationship

What do women want in a relationship? This question has been puzzling men since the evaluation of romantic relationships. Men from around the globe feel frustrated because they are always in the dilemma of what pleases their better halves. Men always have a hard time understanding their love and relationship, while on the other hand, women always take care of what her beloved’s need. She is aware of all the need of her man and gives her all to keep him happy.

Is that because women are more sensitive? or is that because men are way too practical in handling their relationships? Many men have wrong notions in their mind, that a woman will feel happy if he takes her out on expensive dates. Others think that women are so obsessed with all those fairy tale love stories that they really want everything in their love life and in their man to be perfect.

All these notions are correct but it’s the mindset which differs. Let’s try to unfold that-

What do women want in a relationship to be happy?

1. Attention


Attention is the foremost thing a woman wants from her partner. She wants him to notice everything in her. Ongoing on a date, she arranges all the things to look perfect for her man. From her dress to her sandals, from her hair to her nail polish, she does everything so that she can look beautiful for the special day. But, all her efforts go into vain when her man doesn’t notice her new hairstyle! It seems to be a very small thing to men to notice hairstyles, but women love it when she gets a compliment for something so unobtrusive. Attention is all she needs. Men need to pay attention to her when she’s talking about someone she doesn’t like or when she’s describing an incident.

If her man doesn’t pay attention to her, she eventually stops making efforts to include him in her life.

2. Equality


It is a worldwide issue to treat men and women equally. When it comes to equality in a relationship, it means that equal hold on a relationship. Equality in a relationship means equal freedom to express views, opinions and take decisions. A relationship is something which cannot be led by a single person. So, a woman always wants her man to give her equal importance to decide and execute things. This equality can be covered within the biggest or the smallest things in life, like from equality to choose career opportunities to equality to select the venue for the date, everything should be considered.

3. Respect


Women, in all terms, deserve respect. In fact, each human deserves respect irrespective of its gender. When a woman is in a relationship, she has to be respected for her views upon something. The man needs to respect his woman for her likes, dislikes, how she looks or how she wants to lead her life. Correcting her is fine, but forcing her to be someone she is not internally, is disrespectful for her individuality. Respect her for what she is, correct her when she is wrong but never try to change her!

4. Appreciation


Most of the times, women are in the situation of self-doubt. This is because the glamor industry has set up unmatchable goals of ‘How a woman should look?’ A perfect toned body, flawless skin and sexy presence are all which sums up the women in the magazines, movies or advertisements. Such goals create insecurity within her, especially when her man appreciates what he sees on TV and tells her to look that. Well, no one is like that, every woman in those glossy advertisements is wearing tons of makeup and hiding her flaws behind camera tricks.

In such a situation of ever-changing fashion and competition of looking prettier than her fellows, she needs her man to appreciate her for her natural beauty. She loves it when she gets a compliment for just who she is. It creates a sense of security in her that no matter at what stage of life she’s going to be, her man is always going to love her.

5. Care


A woman always takes care of everything she loves, men somehow are not so capable of showing their care. Obviously, men do care but fail to show. Men may find this caring attitude of women nagging sometimes because they feel women try to control their lives when she asks about his lunch, his meetings, and his celebrations. But she does all this because she genuinely cares about what you’re doing and How are you? Same, she expects from her man. She expects that her man also shows her that he cares. She needs his care when she has a bad day or when she feels at the top of town!

6. Love


Though, all those mentioned above needs love! Women are always fond of love. They have like a full ocean of love and in every relationship, all she wants is love. Considering men’s point that women love expensive dates is right but she loves those dates, not because of the restaurant or the food, she loves those because she’s getting time from the person she loves the most. She wants to be constantly in touch with you because she feels incomplete when she doesn’t talk to you. Men have to understand that just saying ‘I Love You’ is not enough, they need to show that they genuinely love his partner.

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Women are not all complicated to understand. It’s just men’s notion to escape from the situation but they need to understand that escaping is not the solution. A woman needs to feel loved! She considers even the smallest efforts of her man in a relationship. Thus, she never fails to express her love and appreciate his efforts. Her man is important to her, maybe that’s why she remembers everything whatever her man has ever said!

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  1. We must take good care of each other. Men have lots of unfulfilled needs but I think they don’t like to admit it great post thanks for sharing x

    1. Yes, Tahnee. I agree with you. Unfortunately many people forget them. Superb post. Than you for the share.

  2. As men, i must agree with you.
    everything you have stated in this article is really true if analyzing my wife 🙂

    its a great piece of article you have written it will help many to understand that a relationship is a balance between both.

  3. I think everyone requires these pointers. But for women, these things may matter most that’s why it is always good to show them these emotions. 🙂

  4. I read men are from Mars and women are from venus.. which gave me a great insight about how this thing works.. This is well articulated and Useful topic for someone to understand what is going on INSIDE!

  5. I love this post! It’s not about expensive gifts and romantic words, to me, it’s about the effort a man makes, the sacrifices he makes and the enjoyment we share together. Quality time to me is priceless

  6. This is great! I love this post! I think it’s important for men (or women) to realise what women want in a relationship! For me your comment about equality is really important! Thanks for sharing!

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