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5 Bedtime skincare habits to get flawless skin

There are very few women out there who have effortlessly beautiful, clear skin. Most women have to struggle for it. And the daytime is not the only time when you have to care for your skin; in fact, the nighttime is arguably much more important when it comes to caring for your skin. Because in the daytime you have the best moisturizer for your oily skin along with a great serum to wear before applying makeup, but what do you have for nighttime?

Skincare habits to follow every night

Before you go to bed, make sure you practice the following habits and you will be one step closer to perfectly clear and beautiful skin:

1. Sleep on a Clean Pillowcase


There are many bacteria that enter the pores in our skin through dirty pillowcases and cause acne and other harmful conditions. This is why it is really important to keep your pillowcase away from all sources of dirt and grime.

It is also preferable that you sleep on a clean, silk pillowcase. Silk is known to let your skin breathe better stay hydrated (not to mention the feel of silk against your skin is just lovely). It will be like following a good skincare routine even in your sleep.

2. Let Your Skin Breathe

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Make it a point to remove all makeup and any other products you are wearing on your face before you sleep. Use a good, effective makeup remover to get rid of all these products and then wash your face as well.

It is ideal to go to bed bare-faced but you can wear a night-cream or lotion a couple of nights a week as well. Make sure none of the nighttime products you use are comedogenic or you will wake up with an awful acne breakout!

3. Start a Nighttime Skincare Routine

Follow a proper nighttime skincare that includes cleansing, occasional exfoliation and moisturizing the skin thoroughly. This will help in removing any dirt that is clogging your pores and will bring a layer of new skin cells to the surface of your skin. Sleeping in this condition will allow your skin to breathe better and you will wake up with skin that is healthier than ever.

4. Tie Your Hair Back

hair tie

It is crucial that you tie your hair in a tight short ponytail or a bun before you go to bed. You can even cover it up with a nightcap. This is because your hair exudes excessive oil when left unattended. This oil can come in contact with your face, clog your pores and give you a serious acne breakout. And this happens most often when you leave your hair open when sleeping.

5. Get Enough Sleep


None of the above methods will work effectively unless you get a good night’s rest regularly. Try your best to get no less than six hours of sleep every night and eight hours of sleep on most nights. Not sleeping enough makes large pores open on your face and your skin looks tired as well.

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author bio

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