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How to live with Asthma easily? Simple Tips & Tricks

There are many people who shiver to face winter. Sounds funny? But it’s true. If you don’t believe me, then ask your asthma friend. Winter turns out to be the worst season for asthma patients and they will suffer a lot during chilled moments. There are many medications for asthma but, nothing can completely keep them free from asthma. It’s not safe to get used to more medications as the chemicals are not good for our body. There are few methods or tips to work out with asthma when the severity is low. Just follow them and help yourself.
Note:- All these are just to prevent your asthma suffering and these won’t cure (or) stop asthma completely.

Working out with asthma – Tips & Tricks

No Dirt or Dust

Asthma patients will suffocate when there is a dust in the air. So, it’s better for asthma people to avoid dirty places and stay away from room cleaning too. If you are a student, then move to the last bench such that there will be no effect of chalk dust on you and also inform your teacher about your asthma problem. It’s crucial for asthma patients to stay out of dust. It’s comfortable for your health to roam in clean and tidy places.

Workout inside

Exercising outside is beneficial for health but not for asthma patients as the outside dust may harm them. Skipping workouts is not an option as your body needs some exercises to prevent asthma affecting you more. Workouts are mandatory for all asthma people and do some minimal workouts daily inside your room. Asthma affects mostly on lungs and we recommend you to do some chest workouts at home daily to help your respiratory system.

Wash off pillow covers and bed sheets

Pillow covers and bed sheets play a very crucial role in your asthma triggers. If you don’t want to suffer, then do wash all your pillow covers and bed sheets regularly and keep them clean. If you have a pet in your home, then spend some less time with them and don’t allow them to your bedrooms often as their hair fall will make you allergic again.
  • Do wash your doormats and carpets also to enjoy your day without asthma trouble.
  • Don’t get over stressed
Getting over stressed is also a reason for asthma. You might not believe this but, this is the proven fact and reaches out to any physician if you don’t believe us. Not only for asthma, getting over stressed not good for your health too. So, don’t overthink anything and enjoy your life. Asthma is not a disease just consider it as an allergy and follow few tips. That’s all.

No smoking areas

Strictly a big NO to smoking because the smoke will trouble your respiratory system and you will end up with asthma suffocation. Don’t smoke and also maintain distance from your smoking friends when they are smoking. Asthma is completely against to tobacco use and doesn’t even try that.

Check the air quality

This might sound odd for you but if you want to stay completely safe then this is also recommended. There are many agencies which will check and provide the detailed report on the air quality of your surroundings. If you have any air quality check companies near you then get your house tested.

Keep medicines handy

Sometimes, Asthma can’t be controlled by any other process except medications. So, always carry a pack of asthma medicines and inhaler with you. Try to prevent medications but, if it’s completely necessary then don’t hesitate to use them.
That’s what we can suggest you for asthma troubles.  We have added few useful tips to work out with asthma and if you have any better tips, then do let us know through the comments section below and we would love to hear your views on it. Have a great day. Cheers.