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How to fall asleep fast and easy for a complete night sleep?

The inability to sleep at night is known as insomnia. Do you have frequent thoughts on how to fall asleep fast? Is it a regular routine that you have to wait to sleep for so long that you get frustrated? Do you spend hours thinking why you’re unable to sleep even after you’re so tired? Then, probably you’re suffering insomnia. You feel dizziness at day time and also wake up frequently at night during your sleep.

Insomnia is very common these days, especially among women. According to reports of National Health, women suffer more from anxiety, stress, depression and loneliness which all contributes to becoming more prone to insomnia than men. So, here we present you 10 super easy ways on:

How to fall asleep fast and easy?

1. Reserve the bed to sleep.

As technology became more mobile, it has reached to our bedrooms. Laptops, mobile phones etc being easily accessible allows you to take them with you in bed and you can work until you feel sleepy.

But, this is the most common cause of not sleeping well. Bringing work into your bedroom creates stress in the room. The bed is to relax and not a place for homework and projects. No TV, laptops and mobile phones around you while sleeping or when you’re about to sleep. Keep your bed only for sleep.

2. Make a sleep routine.

This is very important to make and stick to the sleep routine. Try to make a constant schedule of sleeping and waking up at the same time every night. This builds a self-alarm clock in the body which helps to follow a good sleep schedule. Even on weekends, if you sleep late, wake up on your usual time.

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3. Check your eating habits.

Avoid having heavy meals at night and even in evening. Your body needs more time to digest well a heavy meal. Spicy and greasy food creates uneasiness at night which interrupts your sleep. Most of the people have a heavy complete meal at night because living in a modern world, the night is probably the only time when the whole family sits together and eat. But, for a healthy being and sleep, no heavy, spicy or oily food at night.

On the other hand, empty stomach also causes the same problem. So, have a moderate healthy meal.

4. Quit Smoking.

There are enough reasons to quit smoking but if you still smoke, quit it for a good night sleep. The body of smokers withdraws Nicotine at night which makes the body unable to sleep. So, now you got another reason to immediately quit it.

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5. No caffeine before sleep.

Isn’t it makes it obvious that you should not consume anything which contains caffeine? It not only restrict to Coffee but also cocoa, soft drinks, and even chocolate ice-creams. Reduce its consumption and if you have to consume it, have it in day time only.

6. Arrange the lightings.

It was found in studies that high exposure to light during the dusk and bedtime may cause problems while sleeping. To avoid such situation, arrange dim lightings two hours before going to bed. This would create an atmosphere to sleep well at night.

7. Read a book.

If you can’t sleep, relax your mind with the help of reading a good positive book. Reading enhances your knowledge and brings a positive change in your personality. But, do not indulge in activities which require brainstorming such as solving puzzles or quizzes. Keep yourself calm and relaxed.

8. Appropriate bed size.

Sometimes, uncomfortable beds are the major causes for interruptions in sleep. If your mattress is not comfortable, you won’t be able to sleep well, thus, you should buy a proper mattress. Considering this, the bed should be very comfortable according to your body size. It should have enough space so that you can change your sleeping positions easily.

9.  Stay away from noises.

For having a good night sleep, the environment should be soothing and not surrounded by sharp noises. You can listen to soft music but listening to your favorite rock bands is not a good idea at night. Loud music energizes you which is good for a healthy morning schedule. Also, unwanted noises always create a disturbance so try to create a peaceful environment for a good sleep.

10. Exercise well.

Add daily habit to exercise in your routine. Sleep is supposed to recover and repair but if you don’t have much work which requires physical exertion then what would the sleep do? Let your body follow the natural process and add an exercising time to it. Running, swimming or even walking more can help you to have a good sleep.

Don’t exercise before two hours of going to sleep. Light yoga, deep breathing, and meditation can also help you to increase the quality of your sleep.

All these are not magic therapy. Your body takes some time to adapt itself to the new schedule of your routine. So, it might prove to be difficult in the starting but all the efforts will be worth as you’ll a good night sleep. Hope it would work well for you and you get a complete and beautiful night sleep to conquer each day!

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