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7 Essential Time management tips every working mother must follow

Managing time wisely is one of the most cumbersome tasks that working mothers usually confront. It is a universal issue that mommies at work strive to tackle – their own ways. It is one of the vital and necessary skills, that, the majority of women who leave their premises to advance in their careers and support families financially; must possess in order to create a work – home balance.

Acquiring expertise in filling up the vacuum being crafted because of the absence of mother at home requires much time and experience. By experience, I refer to the understanding of time management by exercising crucial chores, much needed in every individual’s own circumstances. I have few hacks and tips for my amazing female friends who have been contributing a lot to the society through their outstanding talents and tremendous and admirable professionalism.

7 Essential Time Management Tips for Working Moms

1. Assess and monitor your Routines:

The most important part of planning out something to manage work and home life is to evaluate your schedules and everyday calendar to craft a strategy for yourself. When do you set off for work? What are your timings to get back home? Do you have two days off or a day off in a week?

2. Make a to-do list for 2 weeks and prioritize: 

The key to success is listing down what you need to do in next two weeks and then divide and conquer. Set the tasks precedence instead of going and opting them randomly. There are certain things that need to be done without delay. Then there are jobs that can be done anytime during a week and few chores are ongoing. It is recommended to split your to-do list into these sections of priority.

3. Avoid unnecessary multitasking:

Yes, you are not a working-machine….keep this in mind. Pointless, tiresome and needless multitasking can spoil your plan and health as well. So do not try to act like a SuperHero…rather win this battle with your brainy tricks and organized planning!!

4. Utilize Available Resources:

Your only resource can be your lovable hubby … Also, I forgot to mention kid(s) [if you have any]. Do engage them in avoidable chores like sending them out for grocery or anything like that. Make them contribute in a regular way like ask your kids to clean up the room when they are done with breakfast and then start doing their homework. Ask the same to you hubby.

5. Prefer Online shopping:

These days everything is available just a click away so don’t waste your energy in hectic grocery hunts and meat shopping…GO ONLINE!!

6. Freeze the Vegetables:

The most cumbersome thing I find in cooking veggies is cutting them off!! So cut them off once in every 15 days and freeze them after washing.

 7. Make a curry and freeze:

Freeze a half-cooked curry in the freezer for a week to avoid daily cooking. You can even keep half-boiled meat to avoid extended cooking times.

Being a responsible mother and a professional, you have to be patient to be proficient in administering time and dealing with it appropriately and sensibly. Just stick to these golden words: “ When there is a will, there is a way..” Yes, you definitely are capable of handling any situation. I also am a working mother, living in a sort of joint family environment. And having a supportive extended family is a blessing for a person like me. I have several ladies in my circle who have no one to assist them at home – but they have been successfully maintaining equilibrium in their family and professional life.

Just try these hacks and stay cool and Happy!!

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  • kristal

    This can be using moms I do agree with that. But I also think this is great for work from home people and busy college students. I am a college student and these management tips are so helpful. I love to food prep it helps me save time throughout the week.

  • Dieter

    Finally someone said it, everyone is so proud to do but in reality: Avoid unnecessary multitasking !!! Kudo, well written and said 🙂 cheers Dieer