7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Just Not That Into You

Author: Holly Zink

Holly Zink is a blog writer for Grapevine Gossip which covers everything from Relationships to Technology!

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Do you have a boyfriend that you think is Mr. Right? All women want is to be is in a happy relationship with a man that appreciates them. Before you go full steam ahead, make sure he’s REALLY into you. If your boyfriend shows any of the signs below, he’s clearly not into you! You may have thoughts like “is he cheating on me?” or “he’s just less interested to build a bond?” Get your answers here!

7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Just Not That Into You

#1: Finds Excuses To Not Go On A Date


Can’t seem to set-up a date with your bf? Does he use excuses like, “I’m working late”, “I’m sick”, or “I’m hanging out with the guys”? He’s obviously avoiding you! If your boyfriend was really into you, he would do everything he could to be with you.

#2: No PDA


When in a relationship, PDA (public display of affection) is a way men show they love you and are proud to be with you. All women want is a man who not afraid to show his feelings for you in public. However, if your boo is not into PDA, something is very wrong.  He should be wanting to show the world how madly he cares about you! Talk with him about PDA and if he dismisses it right away, he doesn’t have strong feelings for you.

#3: He’s “Phubbing” You


Phubbing is a new term used when someone is using their cell phone to ignore you. When you’re with your boyfriend next, keep a watch on his cell phone.

Common Signs Your BF Is Phubbing You Include:

  • Texting others when with you. Who’s he texting?
  • Accepting phone calls mid-conversation.
  • Keeps his phone in hand or within eyesight at all times.
  • Constantly checks his phone.
  • Uses his phone when in bed with you.

If he is using his phone to get out of interacting with you, he’s not interested.

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#4: Never Met ANY Of His Friends



If you haven’t met his friends, forget about meeting his family! One of the first things your boyfriend should do after committing to a relationship is introduced you to his friends. This should be a red flag for any girlfriend if this hasn’t happened yet. The questions that come to mind are, “Is he hiding something?”, “Is he cheating?”, “Do his friends already not like me?” A guy who’s really into you would want his friend’s seal of approval.


#5: In Touch With His Exes


Any guy who is in touch with exes is not ready for any relationship. Women want to not have to be jealous and suspicious of their man 24/7. You can try as hard as you can to be the best girlfriend, but your efforts will not work. If he is even slightly thinking about his exes, he’s a goner. There’s no use putting effort into a relationship that was doomed from the start.

#6: Avoiding Physical Interaction


What do women want in a relationship? Physical interaction of any kind! Physical interaction with the person you’re with is a key factor in keeping a relationship alive. If your man is avoiding physical contact with you such as kissing or sex, something may be wrong. He needs to be physically attracted to you for you both to connect. No woman wants to feel unwanted by the person they are with. Call him out on it and get a straight answer! Otherwise, you have to accept he’s not attracted to you.

#7: Doesn’t Talk With You



Part of being in a relationship is being able to freely talk with your boyfriend. This helps in getting to know each other on a deeper level. However, if your boyfriend is not interested in talking, there’s no point in continuing the relationship. He should want to talk with you and learn everything about you, not feel forced to speak. Along with this, if he cares more about how your looks versus actually talking with you, he’s not the one.

So, if your boyfriend is showing any of these signs, it’s time to ditch your boo! You deserve a guy that worships the ground you walk on and is proud to call you his girlfriend.