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Are you the best girlfriend ever? Take this quiz to find out.

Most of the girls these days try their best to be the best girlfriend ever! Every individual is different and there are no tutorials to tell you How to be the best girlfriend. Certainly, a girl cannot change what she is and cannot pretend to be someone else for so long. So, it is absolutely fine to be whatever she wants to be and how she reacts in different situations because this is how she’s been living her life.

A relationship is considered healthy only when both of them grows to a better human in all spheres. So, instead of making the list of characteristics of the best girlfriend, let’s take a quiz on what type of girlfriend are you and how closer you are to be the best!

Quiz of being the best girlfriend ever.


Situation 1

When he cancels the plan what’s your first reaction?

A. You get a little sad, though not being a not so happening meet. you were still excited to see him

B. You understand his situation and make another plan instead.

C. You really don’t bother because you wasn’t going anyway.

Situation 2

When he forgets something important, how do you feel?

A. You really expected him to remember that because you feel it’s special.

B. You think it’s fine because being a human it’s normal to forget.

C. You don’t even remember it.

Situation 3

When he cancels plan with you to meet his friends instead.

A. You feel less important because this is something not done. As you keep him as your first priority, you expect the same from him.

B. You know you have enough time to spend together so this doesn’t affect you much.

C. You do the same so it’s cool!

Situation 4

When he gives you an honest critical review of your work or how you look.

A. You take his advice and consider his points.

B. You listen to him and mold his views into your way.

C. You don’t care.

Situation 5

When he don’t like to talk about your future together.

A. You think maybe he’s not serious for you because if he’s not ready to talk about it, how can he act upon it?

B. You think maybe this is not the right time to talk about it as he’s not ready.

C. You don’t wanna talk about it either.

Situation 6

When he doesn’t say sorry for his mistake after you two had a big fight.

A. You don’t let him take you granted and wait for him to realize his mistake.

B. You feel you should make things normal because you think gradually he’ll understand you.

C. You make another issue out of the topic for not apologizing and the fight continues.

Situation 7

When he acts overprotective towards you.

A. You let him be because you also behave like that sometimes.

B. You think not to create a scene out of the situation so you don’t react much and settle the issue.

C. You call the rebel within you out and react equally. Also, you know you won’t be doing whatever he’s saying!

Now, it’s the time to check the results!

Get the results for the quiz here:

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