Results for the Best Girlfriend Ever quiz.

Do you have the traits to be the best girlfriend?

You read all the situations and answered according to your take on a relationship and how are you with your boyfriend. This is the time to know that do you have traits to be the best girlfriend? So, here is the short description on what type of girlfriend are you based on your choices of answers.

Mostly A

You are so much in love and completely into your relationship. There is nothing more important to you than being with him. You cherish each moment spent with him and always look up to meeting him every day. You expect the same from him, which of course is normal ( don’t misunderstand that you’re obsessed with him). You feel ignored when he doesn’t choose you over other people in his life, this is because he captures a very prominent place in your life.  But all these little problems will eventually vanish if he truly loves you. Be patient and believe in your love. Moreover, talk to him about everything you’re feeling because communication is the key for any kind of healthy relationship.

Mostly B

You are very practical and also honest in your relationship. You give all other things equal importance. You understand his situation and tries to keep calm. You want to be with him but he cancels out, you don’t feel left out. You have your own life and enjoys it too. You love him but also respects the fact that being individuals you two need to have some space for yourself. Instead of being sad on some issues, you choose to let go and enjoy the present movement. You believe to stay satisfied, not expecting much from the other person. You know life can’t always be like a fairytale.

Mostly C

You are a carefree girl and believes in enjoying the life to the fullest. You may love him but you love yourself first. You can never allow him to overcome your life and mood. If you want to go out and enjoy, you will, whether it’s with him or without him. You are cool with the relationship and does not want to take things too seriously. You own your life and nobody can change you or your way of living it. Your happiness is your first priority. You don’t think much about the future of your relationship, maybe because you’re too young or maybe you’re just happy with the situation.

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