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The forever tips for child care at each stage of life

When a child is born, his mother keeps a check on his each activity. When he’s going to sleep, when he would wake up, when would he eat and this continues for the whole life. A mother takes care of her child whole life with same love and devotion. What can describe the true meaning of child care than a mother herself! A mother has given an overview of how a child should be raised in each phase of life.  So, here are some-

Forever Tips for Child Care at each stage of life-

The first phase:

We have to make some amendments on each step of the upbringing. A mother should accompany her child like a shadow tell the child turns 3. Some people have a mindset that beating up a child is the assurance to keep the child on the right track. But raising hands on your child has the potential to destroy your child’s mental health. The child may develop fear and may go through lack of confidence.

The second phase:


The child starts his next phase when he enters School. He learns to become independent and do his stuff like wearing clothes, taking care of his belongings, having lunch, he Learns all these himself while performing each activity, he gets used to this. Then the child enters into the age of 12 to 18 years, what we also call teen years. At this stage of life, a Child must realize and comprehend his responsibilities. Parents need to make the child understand what his responsibilities are, these responsibilities may be towards his family, his home, towards studies or, just being general, towards the society and environment. But, all these must be done with love and compassion.

One most important habit which must be developed in the child during these years is to share things with his parents. A child must see his parents as someone he can trust! By developing this habit, parents are keeping the child close to them because by this the child will always know that his parents are there to understand him in every situation. So instead of seeking help outside and taking wrong advises by an unreliable person, the child would always come to his parents to share his problem and ask for help and advises. This way parents will always know the happenings of their child’s life and can always guide better for his better future and well-being.

The complexity of sharing things may develop when a child tells his parents about something which he did wrong! Now, the parents have two choices one- to scold their child and break this process of sharing forever but the second one is good for both. The second one is that parents help the child to understand what he did wrong and why he should not commit this mistake in the future.

  • By beating up the child or scolding him loud he’ll develop the fear to share things with the parents because obviously, he doesn’t want to get scolded or beaten up for his mistakes. What he wants is a guidance of what should be done in future to prevent this or to fix the problem.


  • Whenever a child faces failure in his life whether it’s about low grades or his bad performance in anything the parents must always look out for the ways to increase the confidence level of the child so that he can perform better next time. Do not criticize him for not performing well in an examination or some activity this will decrease is already low self-esteem which would result in the next failure of his life.


  • Parents should be the supreme force to teach the child that winning or losing and facing the failure is the ultimate truth of life and all these come with the part and parcel of life. They should encourage their child to work on his weaknesses while focusing on his strengths. The parents’ faith in the child will encourage him to get up again with the same motivation and dedication to do better in the next chance or the next try.

The third phase:


Next, comes the age of entering the adulthood which is the age of 18 and beyond it. At this age, parents should give their child complete freedom to choose what he wants to do in his life and what he wants to pursue as a career. Giving the child the freedom to choose this career will always give the child an opportunity to perform his best with all his heart. Forcing the child to follow a career will never give him success, he may earn a well amount of money but his heart will always find happiness in his passion. And success is not just defined by the parameter of money, it’s about the complete happiness with mental, physical, emotional and financial well-being.

So, he would be actually successful when he would be loving doing what he does! The parents always want to fulfill every wish of their child so choosing his field is also like his wish which would provide joy to the family. The child will always respect his parents for allowing him to pursue his dreams.

The fourth phase:

After that, once the child gets married the parents should not interfere much in his life because being a mature child himself, he is capable of taking his own decisions.The parents should never try to capture the child in the chains of their orders, let the child fly high in the sky and achieve whatever he wants to achieve in his life. The parents must teach the child to live each moment rather than just passing the life in a usual way. No child is perfect and the parents need to accept the personality of the child they have to understand the weaknesses their child in the best way!


  • Sierra

    My favorite part was the last phase. I don’t have kids but as a 21 year old I see my parents letting go more and more. My favorite line was, “The parents must teach the child to live each moment rather than just passing the life in a usual way.” I think that is super important and even though I’m not a parent I can work on that more for myself.

  • Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching

    I don’t have kids so I’m not too sure how easy these are to put into practice. They sound great in theory and would certainly make the world a better place if parents were able to do live up to these ideals.

  • Adea

    I believe it’s not easy to explain the phases in which a kid goes and you did well. I’m glad you mentioned more than once that the parent shouldn’t yell at or beat their children, as this makes the child even more clossed up and hide their feeings, thoughts and mistakes which leaves the parent in a situation where he can’t help his/her kid because s/he doesn’t know about the kid’s problems.

  • Ania Travels

    I dont have kids but I see how this interfesres within my life and my sisters. I’m 27 and my sister is 18 so we’re in two diffefrent phases. It’s interesting to watch my parents act differently between the two gaps.

  • Best peace

    Interesting tips. And I feel fathers can also learn from this. I will use this guide to improve on my role as a father.

  • Anna K.

    Being a wedding photographer, I often see tears in the eyes of the parents. They let go their little baby, so emotional and surely, not easy… But that’s life…
    My most important tip is : always love your parents. There are so many people who forget what our parents did for us <3.

  • Becca Talbot

    I don’t have any kids yet (maybe one day!) – but there are some great tips here for those with children. It’s important to treat your child appropriately for the stage of life they are in 🙂 x

  • Ana De- Jesus

    Yes to teaching kids to living in the moment. I for one know that I am guilty for taking life for granted. I think my tip would be to teach them to love themselves and be comfortable in their skin x

  • Ali Rost

    What a beautiful post and written from a mom with such a good heart. My children are on their own now and both have families. It’s been a lot of fun to sit back and watch who they’ve become and the direction they’re deciding to take their lives. I’ve learned to not say much of anything (unless asked!)

  • Liza Perry

    My twins are three and a half so I
    Guess Im’at the beginning of the phase 2 as they just started school! I think you pretty much well described every phase !

  • Deborah

    Very well written. I think many parents would benefit from this. I often see people and think exactly what you summed up in this post!

  • kathryn Maher

    Interesting post. My children are now almost young adults and I’ve watched them as they have coped with lifes ups and downs. They are learning from their failures and continuing on their life journey with more wisdom because of them.

  • Dinesh

    Beating the child should be completely no no. It scars the child and is terribly demotivating..

  • Ivan Jose

    I will soon have a baby. My wife and I are reading as much as we can on how to be good parents. Although we do not want to be conventional parents.

  • Chloe

    Hi, an interesting view on how someone grows up through a parents eye. It’s nice to see it clearly broken down into 4 stages.

  • Nay

    Thank you for such an interesting post. I’m a mum myself and even though mine are small, it’s so bittersweet to see them gain so much independence. But they have to learn.

  • Jim

    This line, “By beating up the child or scolding him loud he’ll develop the fear to share things with the parents because obviously, he doesn’t want to get scolded or beaten up for his mistakes. ” was worth the read. It was a great reminder! Thank you

  • Chandra Shekhar

    Beautiful, perfectly captures the stages of growth. It’s very important to have an understanding with your children especially in today’s world where we are so caught up in our lives that we hardly pay any attention to important aspects. There should be a transparent and trusting relationship between parents and children. Wonderful article, Thanks for sharing.



  • Jadebraham

    This is really interesting for me from the perspective of a child! I think what you’re saying is great and i think it’s important to teach children lessons like being independent and to love themselves for who they are!

  • Tonya Wilhelm

    Great tips for parents. I love the way you broke everything up to 4 sessions and ideas on what to do. I would imagine this will be very helpful to a lot of people!

  • Shigufa Saleheen

    Honestly, my parents should’ve read this before they had me because they’re still 100% involved in everything I do despite the fact that I’m almost 20! At this point, it’s equally my fault for letting it get this far as much as it is theirs haha, great post though! Thanks for sharing!

  • Needa

    I love reading it ! how nicely you compose from the childhood to adultery ! best tips are with your child like a shadow upto 3 and parents should not interfere after marriage.

  • Urvi Gupta

    Child care is very essential as it nurtures the growth of the child in every stage. Excellent points you made and I am sure going to remember them 🙂

  • Perla

    I think the parents should be there even for a mature child if she/he needs them for some reason. In my country, there are many women who stay with abusive husbands because their parents don’t want to help them escaping the toxic marriage.

  • Cassidy's Adventures

    I work at a summer camp and I think that so many of these rules apply, even though I am not a parent. These are great tips! May even print them and have them hung in the summer camp office.