5 Magical Health Benefits of Blueberries for Women

Blueberries are the products of a bush that have a place with the heath family, which incorporates the cranberry and bilberry and additionally the azalea, mountain shrub, and rhododendron. Blueberries develop in groups and range in estimate from that of a little pea to a marble. They are somewhere down in shading, going from blue to maroon to purple-dark, and highlight a white-dim waxy “sprout” that covers the surface filling in as a defensive coat. The skin encompasses a semi-straightforward tissue that encases small seeds.

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Not exclusively are blueberries yummy, they have some phenomenal medical advantages for Women:

5 Super Health Benefits of Blueberries for Women

Good for Heart



The high fiber content, those splendid hostile to oxidants and the capacity to break down the ‘terrible cholesterol’ make the Blue Berry a perfect dietary supplement to cure numerous heart ailments. It likewise reinforces the cardiovascular muscles. In this investigation, distributed in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, analysts found that a direct drink (around 4 ounces) of white wine contained .47 mmol of free radical retaining cancer prevention agents, red wine gave 2.04 mmol, and a wine produced using high bush blueberries conveyed 2.42 mmol of these defensive plant mixes.



Blue Berries can prove to be bliss for the cancer patients, for they contain certain compounds like Pterostilbene (excellent remedy for colon and liver cancer) and Ellagic Acid which, in harmony with Anthocyanin and various other anti oxidants like vitamin-C and copper, can do marvelous things to prevent and reduce cancer.

Healthy Brain


Do you know how the technology affecting our brain power? In this fast forwarded generation, we need to keep our brain sharp and healthy. The anthocyanin, the selenium, the vitamins A, B-complex, C and E, the zinc, sodium, potassium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese etc., among others, can prevent and heal neurotic disorders by preventing degeneration and death of neurons, brain-cells and also by restoring health of the central nervous system. It is hard to believe that these berries can also cure serious problems like Alzheimer’s disease to a great extent. They even help to treat the damaged brain cells and neuron tissues and then help to sharpen your memory to keep sharp for a long-long time.

Makes the Urinary Tract Healthy


The building of colonies of certain bacteria like b-coli along the lining of the inner walls of the urinary tract is responsible for this infection, resulting in inflammation, burning sensation during in passage of urine and other complications. Here, Blue Berries can be surprisingly beneficial. It has a chemical compound formed of big polymer like heavy molecules which tries to stop the growth of such bacteria. It also has some anti biotic properties which add to this effect. These heavy and big molecules almost wash-off these bacteria along the tract, thereby preventing the infection.

Slows Down the Aging


Blue Berries present to you the brightest beam of expectation, for they are loaded down with hostile to oxidants and rank number 1 in the realm of against oxidants. This is predominantly because of the essence of Anthocyanin, a shade in charge of the blue shade of the blue berries. The wealth of vitamin-C is a major factor for this too.


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