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3 Skincare Tips to Quickly Improve the Quality of Your Skin

Everyone knows that your skin complexion is the first part of you people notice, which is why it’s so important to do your best to keep your skin clean and healthy. For many people, this can seem like an impossible task though! These 3 tips will help you keep your skin in better condition, without having to make any major changes in your life.

Best Skincare tips:

Switch to a Silk Pillowcase


Cotton pillowcases absorb all the oil from your skin, hair, scalp, and hair. You don’t want your face touching this every night. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase dehydrates your hair and skin, and is also generally not hygienic at all. If you do decide to keep using a cotton pillowcase, you need to wash it at least once per week.  Otherwise, all the bacteria and dirt will which stay on the pillowcase will go straight back into your clean face.

When switching to a silk pillowcase, you will see a difference from the first night!  Your face will look brighter as soon as you wake up. Use only natural silk though (buy at least one case), as synthetic is the worst fabric ever. This is an easy and inexpensive trick you can use to quickly help your skin!

Drink Melatonin Before Sleep


This is very simple, but it helps! Melatonin improves your sleep quality.  Sleep quality improves your skin. Drink melatonin before you sleep. The recommended dosage for melatonin each night is between 3mg and 5mg.  Melatonin is best if you do not use it every night though. Taking melatonin about every other night is the best practice for using this supplement.

Use Sun Protection


Using sun protecting cream, or cosmetics with SPF is necessary for your skin if you are going to be in the sun a lot. No, it does not stop your skin from becoming tan. Using sun protection only saves you from the “bad” sun rays, which are causing skin cancer and sunburns. Tanning is the natural response for skin protection from other sun rays, and will still happen if you use sunscreen with SPF.

Do not just buy the cheapest sun protection cream that you can find though, take the time to read about how many distinct types of rays the one you choose is protecting you from. By this, I do not mean the sun protection percent (although I still am recommending the highest available one for this.

It is essential that you read the number of different rays that your sunscreen is protecting.  Cheap versions protect from about 2-3 types of rays, but there are many more types than this. Yes, it’s more expensive, but with this, you will only need an extremely small amount because it’s already strong.

One pack will last you a very long time!  If thinking long-term, you will save more money by having healthy skin and avoiding doctors’ appointments for skin issues throughout your life!

Concluding Thoughts

If you want to have perfect skin, the easiest way to accomplish this is by making a few small improvements to your lifestyle. If you want to check out an excellent resource and tips for skincare, you can explore popular beauty blogs. There is no need to try to make huge sweeping changes unless you have been living a very unhealthy life. Use these small tips and your skin will start to improve in quality quickly.

Author Bio- Anna Targoniy:

Anna Targoniy is a professional model with over 8 years of experience modeling in different countries.  Anna is from Kazakhstan, and of the skincare tips that Anna believes in have come from Asian traditions such as Korean and Tibetan people. Anna is currently living in the United States with her husband, who plays basketball professionally.

Together, they have worked to help men and women learn about health and fitness, using social media and their respective websites as resources for healthy living.