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5 Top Health Benefits of Leucine you didn’t know

What is Leucine?

Before starting with the topic of today, let’s first talk a bit about leucine, what it is and how it affects our health. Leucine is basically an amino acid that helps our body in the growth of our muscles and it also provides us with the energy we need to function properly and actively on daily basis.

Leucine is a very popular supplement especially among all the bodybuilders, sportsmen and athletes out there because again, it helps them grow stronger and it provides them energy. But consuming leucine above a certain limit can actually be more harmful than the good it does to our body.

Where Can You Find Leucine?

Leucine can be provided to your body through food and you can also take it as a supplement. Mainly leucine is present in those foods that are high in protein such as chicken, fish and turkey etc. You can also consume leucine from eggs, nuts, cheese and yoghurt etc but in these foods, the amount of leucine will be less than that which is present in meat. Even vegan leucine is now present in the market and you can easily consume it in the form of supplements.

Health Benefits of Leucine

Now, for those who want to know the health benefits of leucine and why you should take it. Here’s something that might come in handy to you and answer all your questions;

1-It helps in energy production

active energy

Amongst the popular benefits of leucine, energy production is its prime function. We’ve told this earlier and we’ll say it again that leucine is actually like an energy booster for your body.  When leucine breakdowns, it produces two molecules that build up energy in your body, the first molecule is the acetyl – CoA and the other one is acetoacetate. This is the main reason why athletes and people who go to the gym take supplements for leucine just so that they can perform well.

2-Leucine improves muscles


Leucine helps in stimulating protein synthesis in the body and when your body starts making more protein then ultimately you gain more muscle and that’s the whole science behind leucine building muscles. So, if you want to get a little bulky and if you feel like you don’t have the perfect physique then you can consume leucine for that and within a short tim,e you’ll start seeing some positive changes in your body.

3-Weight loss benefits

Leucine even helps with weight loss and this experiment was conducted on rats first. If you add a little exercise with leucine then you can actually see some really impressive weight loss results. Leucine helps you burn the extra fat and it helps in muscle growth instead.

4-It’s especially beneficial for older people

older people

If you are someone who is above 65 then it’s but very obvious that you’ll lose your muscle mass with time and that will ultimately start affecting your daily routine activities. So with the help of leucine, you can cover that body mass loss and you can grow stronger as leucine helps in increasing the body mass and strengthening the muscles.

5-Leucine works at it’s best when in metabolic stress


One thing that needs to be noticed is that leucine always works the best when your body is under metabolic stress. For example, leucine works when you are aging and your body is losing the energy and the mass too. Next, when you are overweight or obese, your body is suffering from great metabolic stress and changes which is again where leucine comes in handy.  The point to understand is that a 30-year-old or a smart and fit person won’t reap the same benefits as an overweight or older person will.

These are some of the main benefits of consuming leucine but again, you have to be careful with the amount you are consuming. You cannot exceed the limit as that will bring some serious consequences.