perfect eyebrows

3 eyebrow techniques which can help you to get perfect eyebrows

Beauty professionals at spas, salons, and parlors can help women get the perfect eyebrows that they have been pining for. The brows that they have been dreaming about could be full, perfectly colored or carefully arched at just the right angle.

If beauty professionals are not properly trained or certified to complete the following brow techniques, they can sign up for intensive training courses set up by LashForever Canada. The company has helped numerous professionals in the beauty industry improve their skills. They offer the trendiest looks to their clients. The company also has the latest brow enhancement products and accessories like pigments, blades, adhesive, and after-care. With the help of training courses and first-rate products, professionals can help their clients get the hottest brows of the season by offering services like micro blading, tinting, and shaping.

Professional techniques to get perfect eyebrows-


full brows

While most eyebrow maintenance is designed to trim and remove hair, this technique is for clients who want fuller brows. The procedure is also called eyebrow embroidery and feathering. Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing where slim ink strokes are intricately placed along the brow to look exactly like natural hairs. This beauty service is a long-term solution for clients with fair, thin or sparse brows. The results can last from one to three years without a touch-up. After one salon or spa appointment, clients can look exactly like their favourite celebrities with full brows including Lily Collins, Lucy Hale, Cara Delevingne and Emilia Clarke.




This can help people with eyebrows that don’t match the natural or dyed color of their hair, especially if there is a noticeable contrast between fair brows and dark tresses. While most people deal with this issue by using makeup powders, pencils and gels to fill in their brows, brow tinting is an easy long-term solution. Clients can get their desired brow-color in a single eyebrow tint appointment — the reapplication appointments typically set three to four weeks after the first session.



This technique involves carefully measuring the brows so that they mirror each other and suit the shape of the client’s face. The arches also need to be defined without looking cartoonish. While many people feel like eyebrow shaping is something that can be easily done by themselves in front of a bathroom mirror, an expert technician will have a more objective view of their client’s brow shape.

If a client wishes that her sparse brows were thick and luscious, a professional can fill them in with the help of micro blading. If a client is upset that her fair brows noticeably clash with her dark hair, an expert can tint her brows to make them a suitable match. And if a client can’t seem to pluck her brows so that they appear even, a technician can carefully shape them to be clean and symmetrical. Beauty salons, spas, and parlors should be able to give customers the perfect set of brows, even if they all have different visions of what perfection means.