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Why do you need collagen supplements for a flawless skin?

Women are always looking for ways to look youthful and beautiful. They all want flawless skin. And they are ready to spend money on pills, drinks, powders or shots if it helps achieve the objective. But the biggest question is whether these options are effective or not.

You will be surprised to learn that nutrition and cosmetics industry is all set to be worth more than 5 billion dollars by 2020. As we speak, collagen supplements are a hot topic everywhere. Women have woken up to the significance of vitamins, minerals or supplements which helps them to keep wrinkles at bay. Demand has brought out both good and not-so-good products. It is indeed a task to narrow down on the good collagen supplements for women.

Collagen Supplements for Beauty

Buying collagen has become lot easier today – it is available in your preferred form. Recent studies and researchers have resulted in a bump in sales. Studies concluded that density and health of the collagen matrix contribute to healthy skin minus sagging.

Google will tell you that Collagen has been a top trending keyword for a while now. People are familiar with the concept of collagen as much as they are aware of moisturizers. The good thing about these collagen supplements is that you are able to keep your skin hydrated. It gives a new lease of life for your skin.

Well, it is time for us to uncover the secret named collagen. We are going to look into the benefits and all other important aspects.

Benefits of collagen supplements

collagen supplements

The most important factor you need to understand is that 75% of your skin is made up of collagen. But collagen synthesis gets reduced once you turn 25 years old. From that point onward, you will register a 1.5% decline per year. By the time you turn 45, your collagen levels might have registered a 30% fall. Now you know why you get saggy skin after that age.

  • There is one thing you need to know – collagen is not just about the health of your skin. Of course, dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles are a result of the reduction in collagen synthesis. But collagen also affects your bones, joints, and ligaments as collagen acts like glue which will hold everything together.
  • So, having collagen in your daily diet is not just about keeping your youthful appearance intact. It is also about the health of your nails, hair, joints, and bones.
  • Speaking of the creation of collagen, there is an amino acid named Hydroxyproline, which is most helpful in this regard. Hydrolysed marine collagen is an abundant source of this amino acid.
  • All these things have been backed by studies as well. Natural Medicine Journal has come up with their study supporting this theory. Those who have consumed dietary supplement collagen recorded considerable improvement in getting rid of hyperpigmentation spots and pores after a continuous use for six months.
  • Experts in the field will tell you that human body has Type 1 collagen in abundance. And it disappears quicker as well as part of the aging process. Collagen is going to be highly beneficial for your skin in order to maintain its health. When you consume the right supplement, you will be able to witness some amazing results.

Working of collagen drinks

A good thing about collagen drinks is that your bloodstream will be able to absorb the nutrients in a faster manner compared to topical remedy. And they will get to work quickly by stimulating fibroblasts which ensure that you have more active collagen.

It is a good thing to consume hydrolyzed collagen in high proportion as it quickly enables the collagen peptides. They reach the target sites in your body with ease for the same reason.

Another good thing about collagen is that it assists digestion in a better manner. It is made possible with the help of high glycine content. This allows collagen to produce stomach acid, which plays an integral part in the digestion process.

If you are looking for better results, then it is advised that you consume collagen supplement one hour prior to or after food. There is no fixed timing for consumption. To see considerable results, you may have to consume it for 8-9 weeks. And beyond that, you can consume it as per your needs.