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Why getting a couple massage is perfect plan for Valentine’s Day?

With Valentine’s Day just around the proverbial corner, it’s time to think of how to surprise your loved one with a gift that says you really care. Planning a couple’s massage is an excellent idea for everyone. It may seem like a luxury item, but massages have many practical purposes for all ages of men and women.

One of the best gifts for a mother, for example, who is overrun with the everyday busyness of life is some time to indulge in some practical pampering, and a medical massage is just the gift; indeed, you could positively impact their life by helping your spouse learn about the benefits of medical massages– here, then, are a few reasons to make this Valentine’s Day about the health and well-being of that special someone.

Many mothers often suffer from repetitive strain injury. According to the AMTA, 72% of recipients of massage sought the help of a registered massage therapist(RMT) because of injury or stress. Repetitive strain injury is caused by a gradual build-up of damage on muscles such as hands, neck, forearm, and shoulders.

Medical massage is helpful insofar as it is an application of muscle-specific techniques which can treat a diagnosed medical problem. It is important to have an RMT to treat you; given the severity of the health issues at stake, it’s best to appeal to a certified expert, lest you run in to any problems down the line. Also, having the one-on-one time with the RMT helps the client to get the attention to his or her injury, or their unique stress level, they need. There are several variations of medical massage, each of which addresses unique, bodily concerns and health deficiencies:

Types of Massage-


1. Myofascial Treatment

This massage technique helps to treat immobility and pain by relaxing muscles and improving.

2. Deep Tissue Massage

This technique uses deeper muscle massage to release chronic tension.

3. Muscle Energy Technique

This is a broad range of medical massage techniques that treat decreased muscle motion and pain.

4. Cross-Fiber Friction

This technique specifically targets knots and lesions in the muscle.

5. Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy

This is a specific treatment for back pain caused by soft tissue damage.

Another purpose for a massage is to help alleviate arthritis pain. Though there are many medicines to help with the discomfort of arthritis, a massage can have immediate benefits to help with the pain. There are four massage techniques that your RMT may use:

  • Shiatsu: This massage focuses on specific pressure points in the body that relieve pain.
  • Lymphatic Massage: This helps to drain lymphatic fluid from the bloodstream.
  • Swedish: This is one of the most popular techniques used.
  • Petrissage: This technique involves gentle kneading and rolling of the skin to help alleviate arthritis pain.

As a couple, it is absolutely necessary to take care of each other, and medical massages can help. The benefits outweigh the cost for both immediate and long-term health care and, in this, a couple’s massage can act as the perfect gift this coming Valentine’s Day.