5 important travel tips for solo woman travelers in India

India is one of the most beautiful countries around the world. Every other person wants to roam around India to get some knowledge about the vibes of India and mesmerize seeing the beauty of the place. For the most part, the people of India will treat you quite well when it comes to foreigners, and even for the country people who are new to their city or place.

When it comes to traveling there are many problems which one might face, not only due to some crack-minded people but also other issues which we will discuss in the article. Traveling with friends, the family is totally another thing, but traveling alone, and if you are a woman, i.e., Solo-Woman Traveler then it is going to be quite difficult for you. Today we will be giving you-

5 travel tips which you must follow being a Solo Woman Traveler in India-


Choose Hotel Wisely


This is one of the most important points when you are going alone. In India there are plenty of hotels available, if you are selecting a Cab or getting recommendations from some local person, maybe he will recommend such a hotel which is not widely known. You must pre-decide the hotels, and not stay at the hotels which are recommended by Taxi drivers because at times you might fall into the problem. Always use trusted a site like, or MakeMyTrip to book your resorts after checking the customer reviews. For example, if you are going to Goa you can use MakeMyTrip to book one of the best star hotels in Goa. The hotel must be in a busy place, and not something which is a remote area. Even the Hotel must not be huge; you must choose some small hotel where you can quickly become aware of.

Wear Clothes Sensitively


India is still a developing country! If you are here for a vacation, you will have to do a kind of Home Work on deciding the dress you will wear. If you are wearing an exposing attire, then it is for sure going to grab attention. So keep in mind to wear something that is not going to attract the crowd. Some people even stare at women when they are in the traditional dress of India, Sari or the Salwar Kameez, so they are surely doing when you are some fancy and bold western dress.

Be Aware of Rickshaw or Taxi Drivers

Drivers usually just think about their profit, when they watch some or the other foreigner in India looking for an Auto or a Taxi. They rush and even fight for grabbing them. They will then be charging you anywhere between 8x to 16x the original fare. This is a bad job done by these drivers. They do this for getting some extra bucks, but this does leave a really bad impression over the foreigners. If you have got someone to pick from the guesthouse or the hotel, then you must ask them to call your name and ask from where you belong to, it will help you to get away from a number of drivers surrounding you.

Stay away from Eve Teasing

If you are coming first time to India, then you will get to see this more than anything. People here are well educated, and even understand things. But when it comes to the uneducated group of individuals, they are always ready to tease you, comment and even try to touch you. These things are every day, and you have to be brave with this part. You either have just to smash him or create a scene out of it. Usually, you’ll face this situation while traveling in a Metro or a train, or bus.

Always keep a Dummy Boyfriend

You might be thinking, what exactly it means. Dummy Boyfriend is something which you will be having as a fake boyfriend whom you don’t want to betray. Even if you get a lovely guy with whom you want to flirt be always be loyal with your boyfriend. This is going to keep you away from many types of problems which you might face otherwise.

These were some of the tips you can follow if you are coming here in India. People usually like to travel with either friend or with family, but traveling solo is a whole new experience. If you have more tips then do comment in the comment section below to help other travelers to get benefits.

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  • Naira

    The best tips for most of the women. I am planning to travel alone this time so looking for some suggestions, your article has given answers to many of the questions that are running in my mind. Thanks for the tips

  • Mark Laila

    Solo travelling for woman create the many problems. But nice of be careful travel is best for travelling. I read your blog and i get the woman solo travelling important tips. Thanks for sharing this so interesting post! I really want to be thankful for the way you have put it here.