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Workout at Home: Winter Exercise Routine to be followed

That 7AM morning run sure sounds great right now, eh? We bet you just can’t wait to sink your sneakers into that freezing snow, to let that wind slap you in the face, to let the chill seep into your bones, and that cold air into your lungs. Listen to that nice squelching sound as your feet hit the ground that feels like wet slush and enjoy the feel of winter and the looks of grumpy people as they pass you by on their way to work.

Bleh, we get it. Winter kind of sucks, and it’s difficult to just get yourself to go to the gym, let alone bother with the outdoors in this terrible weather. But hey, staying at home and breaking a sweat can work just as well as the gym, and to help, we’ve got a few winter exercise routine tips that will help you create a great routine.

Workout at Home: Winter Exercise Routine to be followed

Jumping rope and jumping jacks

jumping rope

Jumping rope is a surprisingly excellent form of cardio exercise that can help you lose up to 16 calories per minute. It’s fun to use, it’s effective. Since it’s so small, you can easily put it away, unlike a spin machine or a treadmill. Pair it with jumping jacks right after to really get your heart pumping, or in case you lack space in your home, you can stick just to jumping jacks without fear you’ll knock something down by accident.

Stepping stairs

stepping stairs

You don’t really need actual stepping stairs to do this exercise, you can just use a big old book or a low chair, just make sure it can support your weight. Step up and down with your right leg going up first for two minutes, then switch to your left leg. You can easily do this while watching TV and it’s a really good cardio to pair with jumping jacks and high knees, but we do recommend you wear good, supportive sneakers to keep your ankles safe.



The plank is one of the best all-around exercises out there. It engages multiple muscle groups, and even though it looks ridiculously easy, it’s quite tough. There are multiple types of planks you can do, so combine at least a few of them during a workout to get all the benefits.

High Knees

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This is basically just running in place, and it’s a nice little cardio exercise to pair with others. The best thing about all of these is that they really require no complicated exercise equipment. A jumping rope, maybe a couple of dumbbells and you’re set. The only thing you need to have are the right exercise clothes that are made of breathable fabrics and allows for freedom of movement. It’s easy to find pretty great gym wear online, and having something cute for your workouts can motivate you to exercise even when you don’t feel like it.

Lunges and squats


Strong, powerful legs and tight, shapely glutes come from lunges and squats. This is a pretty quick way to tone your leg muscles, but bear in mind that you have to do them correctly for them to be effective. Here’s how to do a proper squat, and how to do a proper lunge, and remember that you can always add weights if you feel like this exercise is getting a little too easy for you.

Weight lifts

weight lifts

Like previously mentioned, you seriously don’t need more than a couple of dumbbells for a good workout. If you lack those, two big water bottles can be your replacement. In the beginning, you can do simple sets of ten repetitions, then simply raise the number of repetitions to twelve, then fifteen. Weights can also be combined with lunges and squats, but you can also hold them as you do your stepping stair exercises.

Of course, never forget to warm up and stretch. This is absolutely essential if you want to avoid injury and keep the workouts effective. Otherwise, enjoy your workouts at home, because they can be just as good as gym workouts, especially since you’ll feel more comfortable. Put on a cute outfit, play some fast music, and sweat your way to a toned body.