Women of Substance

Why Equality in every sphere is every individual’s fundamental right?

The ‘so-called’ society that we live in today, is responsible for so many crime and discrimination against women. And it is not a thing of recently developed mentalities, the judgmental brains behind these has prevailed since ages in our world where people constantly differentiate between men and women.

While obviously, we can’t deny the fact that these two genders have different physical structures along with some mental abilities as well but in no means, they should be denied their rights based on these differences. We all are humans first, be it of any caste, creed or genders to be precise. Thus, equality is a necessity.

And thus, we all possess the rights of equal opportunities, fundamental rights and equal treatments to wither away the gender bias from our society. But it is a big question as to why women are treated like a burden for ages?

Why Is Equality a Necessity?


There are still many places which perceive the birth of a woman as a disgrace. Women are still left alone if they give birth to a girl child. Moreover, in some countries, the society doesn’t give them basics rights of education. Building a career is still a dream for women because these inhumane people think that would bring disgrace to their manly image.

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Often it’s seen that even if women are working, they are forced to take up small business planning rather than dreaming of achieving big. In addition to it, in many industries, women are not given desired work profiles even if they have the quality and education for the same.

Men are always preferred over women; the reason why many governmental and nongovernmental organizations are working towards providing women with equal opportunities in every sector of life.

And that is the reason why we can see women these days are reaching heights with flying colors and giving serious competition to the opposite gender. Therefore, we all must help women go forward, rather than pushing them back when they have the abilities to grow.

Finally Heading Towards Equality


The qualities that women possess do not make them any inferior. From being a daughter to being a mother, the sacrifices that a woman go through at least make her deserving enough to possess equal rights in the society.

It does not mean that feminism means degrading the image of the men of the society. But it means making people understand that being respectful towards every human is a must.

And also, it would not bring any humiliation to the world if it makes way for opportunities for the women. Thus, start appreciating the efforts of women in every sector of life. That is the least one can do to bring about a huge change in the mentalities of the narrow-minded society which thinks that women are a burden to them.