7 Revolutionary Beauty Treatments to Enhance your Charm

In film and literature, the femme fatale is considered a treacherous, dangerous and desirable woman. She uses charm and her sharp mind to seductively allure men. Thus, beauty treatments to make yourself more attractive has been very popular amongst the ladies.

Revolutionary Beauty Treatments:

In the current world, women are enhancing their body shape with a variety of procedures and supplements in order to achieve the level of physical perfection often boasted by these femme fatales. Below are some beauty treatments you might consider.

1. Female Enhancement Pills

female enhancement pills

Many women experience a decrease in their libido along the way in their lives. Many things can lead to a decreased libido, from weight gain to low self-esteem, aging, or hormonal imbalances. A lack of libido can mean it is difficult for a woman to feel attractive and desirable, so taking care of that problem is important to her self-esteem.

Female enhancement pills are available to help with the issue of decreased libido. These pills use various herbs and supplements to increase blood pressure and energy, which can translate to improved sensitivity and libido. An increased libido can help you feel more attractive, which is the first step to being more attractive — after all, confidence is everything!

2. Hair Transplantation

hair transplant

Approximately 20% of women will experience hair loss at some point in their lives. Beauty Treatments can’t be complete without having a good volume of hair. The hair transplantation process is mostly known for treating men, but can also treat baldness in females. It is a cosmetic surgery that involves the transfer of hair follicles from one part of the body to the part that doesn’t have hair. It is also used in transplanting hair follicles in the brows and eyelashes.

The current procedures are permanent. The scalp may look and feel tender after the surgery. You may need to temporarily take some medication to ease the pain. However, the transplanted hair follicles will fall off after two weeks, and new growth will be noticed after two or three months.

3. Abdominoplasty

Also known as tummy tuck, abdominoplasty surgery is used by ladies to eliminate unwanted skin and fat from the abdomen. This procedure is mainly sought by ladies with loose and sagging skin after weight loss or pregnancy. While many women will first try a lot of targeted exercises to get rid of that extra flab, sometimes these approaches don’t give the expected results. Therefore, they opt to undergo a tummy tuck surgery which can offer a permanent solution.

3. Breast Enhancement Pills or Breast Augmentation

breast enlargement

There are various ways of enlarging breasts. Generally, medium to large breasts goes hand-in-hand with beautiful sex appeal. Because of this, many women consider having breast augmentation to improve the proportionate balance between the body and the chest and to have symmetry of their breasts improved.

Typically, breast augmentation is performed due to weight loss, naturally small breasts, loss of one or both breasts due to cancer, or merely a decision from a woman to enhance her bust line. Breast augmentation is one of the most common and widespread ways of enhancing breasts, and it involves the placement of silicone over the breast tissue to increase its size. The size of a bra cup can be adjusted depending on the type and size of the implant.

The process of finding out the best surgeon to have breast augmentation is very daunting; however, ladies wishing to have a successful surgery can find professional surgeons by visiting Women who have undergone breast augmentation type of implant are advised to have regular checks with doctors.

5. Facelift

The facelift is also known as the rhytidectomy.  It is a cosmetic surgery that gives a more youthful facial appearance. The procedure removes the excess facial skin and reshapes the lower part of the face. It is used to tighten loose skin. Also, it removes bulges around the nose and mouth as well as excess skin hanging in the neck and jaw area. It does not affect the quality of the skin. If combined with surgery, the process can be used to enhance the eyelids, cheeks, brows, and forehead. However, a facelift procedure does not have permanent results, as your skin might start to sag again as you age.

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6. Hip Fat Transfer and Hip Augmentation


Most ladies would do anything to have a curvaceous figure. The hourglass figure that most women dream of is a strong indication of feminine elegance and a choice of most men. Women all over the world are trying different techniques to have a sexier look. All this includes weight gain and targeted exercises. However, those methods are hit or miss.

Because of that, the use of supplements and surgeries are the primary methods used by women to enhance their bum and hips. While some of them promise excellent results, they are costly, and they can have long-term side effects. Hip augmentation involves the use of cosmetic hip implants. These implants use either silicone slices or cosmetic hip injections, which consists of draining fat from another part of the body and transferring it to the pelvic area to widen the hips. Either of these methods can give you the look you want but speak with your doctor to decide which method will work best for you.

7. Botox Injections

botox injections

This is one of the most used beauty treatments of all times. Botox injections are used by ladies to eliminate wrinkles on the surface of the skin. They provide an effective solution for wrinkles, which can be produced by worry, age, stress, and environmental factors. An injection of Botox skin treatment can diminish the frown lines on the forehead, between the brows, and around the mouth.

For a youthful facial appearance, the Botox cosmetic can also fade the appearance of wrinkles at the corner of the eyes.  Botox cosmetics are derived from Botulinum, a bacteria which produces neuromuscular toxins. While those toxins are deadly in their purest state, in Botox they are diluted enough that they work to tighten the skin on the face. It has been approved to treat eye muscle complications and eliminate frown lines.

Choice is yours…

Some ladies are willing to do almost anything to achieve their desired appearance. Thankfully, medical science has progressed to the point we’re at today so that these options are a possibility. Each one of these procedures has the potential to enhance your appearance and your life. However, women are advised to have a full understanding of each method since they differ in cost, risks involved, and result.