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6 Tips to Consider When Searching a Good Date on Dating Apps

We live in rather enlightened times, where the concept of casual sex is no longer taboo. Women nowadays are a lot more focused on their careers, they are very busy, and relationships aren’t always a priority in their lives. However, just because a woman doesn’t have a relationship, that doesn’t mean that she can’t have a steamy love life.

Get a Good Date on Dating Apps

With the increasing popularity of free hookup apps, it is not easier than ever for both men and women to meet new people and engage in casual affairs. However, as tempting as these apps can be, they do have some challenges, and as a woman, you need to take some precautions in order to be sure that you will have fun without any inconveniences.

1. Find the right app for you


Although all dating apps promise the same thing, the experience that you have with each app can be different. Our advice is to test several apps and see which one you like best. Some apps have special features that make it easier to get matches or to start conversations. Moreover, different apps attract different crowds. If you are only in this for a casual affair, Lucky or Tinder are your best options. If you hope that a fun date can turn into something more serious, consider Bumble, as it tends to attract more serious prospects.

2. Let your pictures speak for themselves


Needless to say, you will need an amazing profile picture in order to stand out from the crowd. Gather your friends, and compare your best pictures. A headshot is the best choice for the main profile picture because the pictures that clearly show a person’s features are more likely to get matches. However, aside from the main profile picture, you should also use some pictures that speak a little about yourself. Play it more with creative pictures, if you are a party girl, upload a picture of a party. If you enjoy traveling, use a picture from your last vacation. If you have a hot body, don’t be afraid to throw in a full body picture, but try to keep it classy and choose a picture where you don’t show too much skin. Leave some room to the imagination and don’t give it all up from the start.

3. Get creative with your description


Men tend to match girls that they are attracted to physically. However, your description can also make a difference. So, write a few words about yourself and about your dating intentions. Of course, if you are only interested in sex, you shouldn’t say that bluntly, unless you want to attract a lot of creeps. Nonetheless, it is perfectly all right to say that you want to meet interesting people and have a good time.

4. Be selective with your swipes


You can find a lot of great guys on dating apps, but there are also a lot of creeps out there. So, think twice before you swipe right, and only match serious guys. Check out all their pictures and read their descriptions carefully.

5. Start the conversation


If you like to be chased and play hard to get, a dating app is a wrong place for you. After all, if you are using a hookup app, it is pretty clear that you want to have a good time, so there is no reason to pretend. So, if your matches don’t make the first step, don’t be afraid to do it yourself. Don’t think too much about it. Start with a simple hello and see how the conversation evolves from there.

6. Dating rules


Before you date someone, you should first ask for their social media accounts, so that you can make sure that they at least seem to be normal people. Moreover, you should only choose public places as dates, so that you can easily leave if the date gets creepy or if it simply doesn’t feel right. Last but not least, if your date is amazing and you want to take it to the next level from the first night, it is better to go their place. This way, you can easily leave when the fun ends, and you don’t have to worry about them knowing where you live. Just make sure to tell a friend where are you going and with whom.