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Sex Talk With Friends: How Much Info Is Too Much Info?

Girls ask themselves, “I wonder if he’s going to tell his friends about that…”; guys think, “She wouldn’t tell her friends about my performance… would she?”. The truth is most men and women like to dish about what goes on behind closed doors with their closest friends. The question is, how much of your “sexcapades” do your friends really want to hear about?

Sex Talk with Friends? Keep these in mind!

Here are a few tips to consider the next time you’re thinking about telling a story that might make your friends cringe rather than giggle.

1. Think twice if they know the person you’re talking about:


If you’re about to divulge some information about your sexual partner that is quite revealing or private, you might want to bite your tongue if you share mutual friends. They may forever be scarred from the stories you tell and never be able to look at the person the same way again. Think about it, do you really want to know how big your friends “Johnson” is? Or the things they say in the sack? Think about these things before sharing any of the gory details.

2. Tell the funny stuff:


Everyone loves to laugh, so telling the story about the two of you doing it and falling off the bed isn’t going to turn anyone’s stomachs. Stories about getting caught mid-booty session and stories in which you were embarrassed are normally crowd pleasers. You just have to watch and make sure you’re not telling funny sex stories at your partner’s cost, especially if you’re still dating them.  If your story is more geared at laughing at someone then thinks twice…what goes around comes around.

3. Be respectful:


This picks up from the last tip–you don’t want to tell about your sex life when it’s putting his/her ego in jeopardy. Telling stories about when they couldn’t perform up to par, or they did something embarrassing mid-booty session, is just rude. Things happen beyond our control– even in the sack. We have to respect that it’s happened to all of us and we wouldn’t want them revealing the details of our own embarrassing acts to all of their friends.  You might laugh inside about what happened but that doesn’t mean that everyone else should be laughing too.

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4. The Ex-files:


…should be left alone. Talking about your bedroom antics with your ex is acceptable up to a certain level. Sharing stories that meet all of the requirements above are okay to share, but you need to be careful of the things you say. If the two of you had a bitter breakup it might be tempting to slide a little sarcasm or teasing into your sex stories. You need to be careful not to make fun of them because what goes around comes around, and people talk. If word gets around to him that you’ve been talking smack about his performance in the bedroom, you’re just going to come off as immature and seem as though you’re not over him.

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