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What Are The Side-Effects Of Surgical Mole Removal Treatment?

Moles are tiny abnormal growths on our skin that usually occurs at any age. Moles vary from person to person. They may be big or small or may be black or brown. Moles can often appear in groups, or it can be a single mole on any part of your body. It is a common myth, or you can say a misconception that moles can cause skin problem if they are not treated timely.

But this is simply not true. Moles are just an abnormal little extra skin that can appear on your face or any part of your body. Moles are not at all harmful. They occur when the pigmented cells in your skin grow in a cluster form instead of spreading throughout the skin. But yes definitely, if you too conscious, you can surely consult your dermatologist regarding treatments of moles.

Treatment for Moles

There are by and large two basic treatments for moles that are known to everyone. Firstly, the Laser Therapy treatment or removing moles surgically and secondly, mole removal creams. Here we are going to study what are the disadvantages of mole removal and side effects of the same using surgical technique.

It should be mentioned for the readers that the surgical technique is not suited for all. People who are looking for flat mole removal should only go for mole removal creams or other natural remedies.

Laser therapy for removing moles is the most common and successful mole removal treatment. Most people, who have moles which can be seen on the outer part of their body or they have moles on their face, get it removed surgically. Many times people do not even think twice before getting it removed surgically.

While removing the moles surgically, it can be done easily via a laser. This is the reason that it is also called as laser treatment. This surgical removal of moles has gained importance and popularity just for the simple reason that it is less time-consuming.

While it is a quick and fast removal, at the same time it can sometimes be harmful to the patients who are getting it done. It is always not the safest option.

Side Effects of Surgical Mole Removal


  • Apart from being the quickest method of removing moles, the surgical treatment requires a desirable amount of sum as compared to mole removal creams.
  • Although it does not require any hospitalization, it still can be and is still harmful if we talk about regarding its efficiency. Its efficiency is not 100% if you get it removed surgically. Those moles can grow back and this time might be in a group.
  • To prevent the re-growth of moles, you will again need to visit your dermatologist for the same therapy. Hence this process is long and can be continuous.
  • There can be laser beam marks that can be These marks/scars can even be permanent in some cases. Larger the mole, larger the scar will be.
  • This can be a painful This is one of the most common and major side effects of mole removal. Although small moles might not be painful, the larger moles can cause pain after getting it removed. Reason being is that you aren’t anesthetized.
  • Skin infection is one of the most common side effects of mole removal if done surgically.

Practically yes, it is the quickest method of getting rid of those moles, but there are many side effects of mole removal surgically.

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