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Is White and Sticky Vaginal Discharge Normal?

It isn’t time for my periods yet, so why am I feeling wet down there? Nina felt her underwear getting damp during a conference. She remained restless till she could go to the bathroom and check. What she found was not menstrual blood but a white vaginal discharge that had soiled her underwear.

What is Vaginal Discharge?


Did you know that a woman never needs to clean the inside of her vagina with soap and water? The vagina does it all by itself. The waste is expelled out of the female reproductive system in the form of a discharge, which is basically fluid cells. The fluid is made by glands inside the vagina and cervix. It eliminates dead cells and bacteria from the female body. This helps in keeping the vagina clean, which further prevents infections. This discharge can come after or before one’s periods, explain the best gynaecologists in Bangalore.

However, the production of this vaginal discharge can vary from woman to woman. The appearance and consistency of the discharge can also change, depending on certain factors. For instance, a woman will have more discharge when she’s sexually aroused, ovulating or breastfeeding. Even the smell of the discharge will vary if she does not maintain basic personal hygiene or is pregnant.

  • Colour & Odour of the Discharge

In general, the discharge is clear, thick, whitish and stretchy, without any odor. However, there is a need to worry if the discharge is yellowish or greenish and itchy. This could be a sign of an infection. In fact, if a woman experiences thick, white and clumpy cottage cheese-like discharge, which is paired with itching and burning, it could be the sign of yeast infection.

There are many other reasons, such as the use of antibiotics or steroids, bacterial infections, having sex with multiple partners, birth control pills, cervical cancer, diabetes, pelvic infection after surgery, and more, that can change the vagina’s balance of normal bacteria. An immediate impact of this change is seen on the smell, color and texture of the discharge.

This can make a woman highly uncomfortable. However, this is a very common condition and there is no need to worry even if there is a problem since there is treatment available

As soon as you discover a change of the color of vaginal discharge, along with any abnormal vaginal bleeding and itching while urinating, visit the best gynecologist, such as those in Bangalore, ASAP.